Ebay has got to be both the easiest and most difficult ways around to make money online. So now that I have totally confused you, why is this and which is the truth? Well, Ebay is a cash cow when done right, and when done wrong, you get eaten alive by high fees and none of your auctions close with high enough bids to make you any money.

You can either make truckloads of cash selling one Ebay or you can lose your shirt, not much in between. Now that I have totally scared you into not wanting to become the next to join the ranks of the Ebay Powersellers, there is something else you should know about making money fast with Ebay, it happens all the time with a little dedication and hard work. There are a lot of really successful folks who make full time livings and more using Ebay as their sales platform. Why not you next?

What You Need to Know About Selling on Ebay

If you are trying to establish yourself as a reputable seller or business, you must maintain your ratings. Give exceptional customer service, give your buyers high ratings, be specific in your auction listings and sell quality merchandise at low prices and you will do well.

Auction listings will draw more traffic if you understand SEO; bottom line, Ebay may be a highly trafficked site, but good SEO skills will more than double your chances of getting enough traffic to sell your items. Also be certain that your auction listings are well written, with accurate descriptions and your shipping and return policies well explained. Clearly written policies will save you untold difficulties later.

Ebay's selling and closing fees are hideously expensive. If you are selling low margin items you will have a hard time finding enough profits to justify your efforts, take my word on this one, been there. Make sure your cost per item is low so that you are much more profitable.

If using Paypal for payment, be sure to send every item with delivery conformation. If you do not, and there is a claim for non-delivery, you will not be reimbursed through Paypal's seller protection policy.

That's the crux of the how to make money on Ebay guide. Be certain to have high enough profit in your items to offset the cost of your time and auction fees. Write your auction listings with solid SEO strategies, and be certain to be descriptive with your policies clearly stated. Always send your shipped items with delivery conformation and you will do well as an Ebay seller with lots of profit to boot. Just remember that all of these factors are important for successful selling in the Ebay community. There are many nuances to selling on Ebay and the current strategies for profitability change all the time. For a more in depth guide, consider one of the current ebooks available on Ebay Selling strategies.