There are several ways you can make money on InfoBarrel with your articles.  One idea to boost your earning over the top and get a payout faster is to focus on what are called trend topics. When you focus on a trend and catch onto one right away you can potentially get massive traffic to your article in a short period of time which can bring you more revenue in a short period of time. The downside with a trend topic is that like all trends, they tend to fade out or because less popular. In this article we’ll examine trend topics and how they can boost your InfoBarrel earnings.

What is a Trend Topic?

Trends can be anything from music to video game or just about anything.  Examples of current trends include Lady GaGa, Snookie, the Amazon Kindle Fire, Justin Bieber, and Twitter. Some trends are very short lived while others tend to last for several years or more until something new replaces the original trend with something a bit better. Trends become popular with massive amounts of people so the potential to get someone to see your article on a trend is great. If you capitalize on the trend early in its beginnings you could bring many visitors to your writing. When you write about trends you can expect to see that initial great traffic and the article may also go viral before it burns out over time depending upon how the trend is doing. Some trends will disappear just as quickly as they appear so some articles may not do as well as others. You need to analyze trends and be able to write about new trends quickly to capture the market before it’s saturated with articles and websites about that trend which makes it difficult to break in and make any money on that trend with your writing. 

What Trends to Write About?

The choice of the trend is all up to you but some good examples of great things to write about include music, fashion, technology, video games, celebrities, and television.  In general news trends are not wise to write about unless it is some earth shaking event that everyone is talking about like a 9/11 or the global recession. News trends just fade too quickly from the headlines and most major news networks will beat you to the story. An example of a hot trend at this moment (Jan 2012) is the rumors of a new PlayStation 3 and Xbox console that are supposed to be revealed at an entertainment event.  These types of stories offer enormous potential for the writer to produce articles. You could talk about the new console itself or some of the games scheduled for the console. People will be drawn to these articles because they are excited about the new trend in video gaming that is just around the corner. Video gamers will want to know everything about the new consoles and will be searching for articles about them.  Another example of a hot trend topic idea would be a hot toy at Christmas and where to find them.

Shelf Life of a Trend Topic

The whole idea behind a trend topic is to capitalize on the trend right away and produce your content ahead for most other people for the maximum benefit. Because most trends are generally short and tend to die off quickly you need to be fast with your material. You also can’t rely on just trend topics you must have “evergreen” topics or those topics that people are always searching for online.  Choosing the right trends to write about takes some research and you won’t always be correct in your selection since trends can come and go just as soon as they arrive so you need to experiment some or better yet use your best judgement on the trend and go with your gut.

Boost Your Income with Trend Topics

If you are not already writing for InfoBarrel you can join the site and begin making money with your trend articles and other topics you like to write about. Work on trend articles, evergreen articles, and product articles and you’ll be making a nice income on the site. Of course you can write about anything that you like, and that can be profitable too.