Look at your options

We all love the benefits of having a swimming pool in our back yard in summer. No fuel expenses traveling to the beach or fighting the never ending sand in our knickers.

Do you need that large entertainment areaCredit: Titans photography

And it's a great place to entertain and have a barbecue. Or simply cool off with a quick dip under the shady palm trees and finish off with a coldy. Although as we age those days could be disappearing, simply because we are wasting the cash you could use by selling that now unused pool.

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Aging could mean changes

We like to believe that we are still fit as we age,  although not as sprite as we would like to be therefore we have to reduce our work load. This can be done in different ways.

Landscape with pavers- by laying pavers over a larger area we can limit the area of lawn cut back on the mowing chores.

Gardening- Plant wiser by growing miniature shrubs; reducing the pruning. Plant bulbs that will come up year after year. Or employ another pensioner that has the time and energy to help out in your garden.

Large fish ponds - These look beautiful with the fish swimming about but like everything else they still use power and fish food and have to be cleaned.

These things on their own dont add up to much but all time a lot of time and effort and yes they do add to the cost of living.

The cost of living - is forever increasing, and electricity and gas expenses are rising again. Rates on bigger properties, add to the burden of making our pensions stretch. Even the supermarkets have joined the bandwagon, increasing their prices. In fact some supermarkets charge more for groceries than in other areas. And did you realize some suppliers are reducing the size of the tinned and packaged products and the supermarkets still charge the same.

People are struggling and thinking of new and inventive ways to make their money go further. We need to be smarter, and benefit from our existing investment capital from our house and land package.

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Pool Option

Instead of going through the hassle of selling, packing and looking for a smaller home and garden then moving we look to other ways of achieving this goal.

House blocks are becoming smaller every year. I remember when most house blocks were a half acre, then a quarter acre. Our house block is 700m2 now house blocks are down to 300m2. All I can say is where do the kids play? They no longer have back yards to explore or room to put up the cubby house.


Sell the pool and make moneyCredit: Titan's Photography

Pools are now a splash for cash

The pool used to be great especially in summer, but unless you are very keen on freezing your butt, what happens to the pool in the winter. It costs money for chemicals to keep it clean all year round. Yet it sits there all winter taking up valuable space that you could have used to grow vegetables or have a mini golf course.  Instead it attracts, insects, mice, cockroaches or whatever crawls around your back yard unable to swim.

That is why more and more people are selling their pools. Swimming pool suppliers will buy your pool and remove it; some will even fill in the hole for the price or you may need to fill in the hole yourself. Then you can even subdivide your back yard and sell for cash. This gives you the extra capital to go and make that dream of doing whatever you want come true.

What more could you ask for? You have gained extra income to support your lifestyle without the need to sell, pack and move and yes try to make friends in your new home area.

Advantages of subdivision

Advantages of subdividing and not selling your home:

  • No more open house days
  • No living in suspense if and when it will sell
  • No paying out estate agents commissions
  • No looking for another house to buy
  • No packing
  • No moving
  • No having to settle into a new neighborhood
  • You will have that extra money to buy a caravan or car or go on a trip


  • You have to organize block subdivision with councils
  • Sell the back block
  • You will not know who will live there or if you will like them
  • Put up with builders coming and going as they build on back block

Subdividing your Property

Before you get too excited, you need to check out the subdivision process as it varies from each shire or country that you live in. Sellers and Investors should contact their local planning departments to find out all the necessary information. Zoning can be more complicated than you think.  So do your research and see which idea works best for you.

Another option

If you are in a good financial situation then you may want to think of building on the back block yourself.  Then either move into the new smaller home with less garden.  Or you can rent out the one  you do not want to live in yourself as you will be there to see that they are looking after your investment.

Caution: This can be risky, you may end up with a squatter that doesn't pay the rent then you will be in trouble.


The decision is entirely up to you I am just the one showing you different options you could think about for lifestyle changes in your coming retirement.

Retirement doesn't mean being bored. There are thousands of things to do. Travel, start a hobby, and enjoy your retirement.