Google Adsense is a advertising application that pays website owners per hit on the page with the advert. But this can still make you money even if you don't have a website, as there are many sites that pay you a percentage of the money for uploading content (revenue sharing).

the best part of this is it is a passive income, as once it is set up it keeps flowing, so you can set up another, or just relax and let the money flow in. Problem is, without hitting the jackpot with a great site it generally isn't much money at all, so the easiest answer is to set up many different Adsense related sites and try to increase the hits to your sites/articles.

Things You Will Need

You will need at least one site with you content on that will pay you a percentage, obviously the best is to have your own site. But there are others which can work just as well or be less effort. For example blogger where you can write about anything and don't need website design experience.

Step 1

first you will need to sign up to Adsense. During the process you will need to say a site it will be advertising on, it has to comply with there vetting process (no porn, etc) and be your site.

The easiest way to get an adsense account without a suitable website is using blogger, as its easy to sign up and free, also it pays you 100% of the adsense earnings. then when you are signing up to adsense use your bogger address, eg: (put your username instead of mine before the '.')

another way is to use which is free, and lets you make a site.

Step 2

now you need to set up the sites or articles that will be linked to Adsense. A few options are:

* - a very cheap hosting company. my website is hosted with them.
* - pays you 100% of adsense earnings. have a look at my blog for inspiration.
* - get paid to write articles (by the hits you receive).
* - U.S only one.

there are many other sites that pay you to write articles, but they pay by paypal, so you can't link it to Adsense, meaning you have to reach each of their minimum payout amounts.

Step 3

the next part is where the hard work comes in, as you need to make interesting content to bring people to your site or article, this will involve work, and it is best if it is something you care about!

if you are planing to write articles, then the more the merrier (but make sure they all have good content), set yourself a target, say 300 articles and write 3 a day say, once you have managed 300, you will be earning quite a significant amount!

Step 4

Now you need to advertise your content to increase traffic, there are many ways including:
- add to social bookmarking applications like stumbleapon.
- post links on related sites.

Step 5

If you are using your site, think about using keywords the right amount to increase your page rank, as this will increase the chance of your page turning up in google for a relevant search, which in turn increases your hits. but don't over do it, otherwise googles search algorithm will pick up on it.

also get your page rank as high as you can! as google puts the higher rank sites first in searches, so your new site will be way down the bottom and no one will see it. the page rank is calculated by how many sites link to your site and their rank, so getting a link to your site from a good site is worth more. there are many ways to get links to your site, like posting links to it on related forums, or writing articles with it in.

It is not as easy as all of the scam sites say to make a living off adsense, you will probably only make a small amount per week, but you will make it every week even when you don't work! this is the advantage, once it is set up, you can leave it. Don't expect to get rich, and don't expect it to be no work.

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