If you have ever tried to make money online with affiliate programs, then you will know how easy it is to start making passive income on the Internet with your website, blog or articles. Every month your income grows as you create more content and add to your money making opportunities. Why then is it so hard to make a full time income online?

Most of us have had the experience of selecting affiliate programs that just do not make the grade or convert well. No conversions means no money in your checking account, so it is imperative to select the best affiliate programs with solid brand recognition and trust to get you paid every month. Doing so will increase your conversion rates dramatically.

Top 6 Top Affiliate Programs for Creating Online Passive Income Revenues

1. Adsense is hands down the best money making opportunity on the Internet.Why would you look anywhere else to make money from home? I have had increasing revenues every month and am happy to continue to use Adsense to generate revenue on many of my blog an article pages. Adsense is an easy way to create a revenue stream for content based sites and blogs where selling physical products may not be as profitable as you would like.

2. Chitika is another advertising network which places ads within the content on blogs and websites. I have also had good success with them on content that does not do as well as I would like with Adsense. They are steady payers and my conversions are high enough to choose them as an advertiser of choice on many of my owned blogs and websites. Chitika is a good option for most blogs with content heavy pages.

3. Amazon is my favorite site for selling hard goods, and in truth, my conversion rates with them range about 4-6%, when using text links rather than some of the creatives they offer. I tend to include many links within my posts and have had my high conversion rates maintainted even with the recent slow economy. They have a nice selection of products and a huge amount of brand loyalty and trust in the online marketplace. All of those factors make high conversion rates a regular occurrence.

There is no better way to make money with residual income than with Amazon during the holiday season.

4. Ebay is my second choice for selling physical products. While I used to favor Ebay over Amazon, however, their recent change in their affiliate program to no longer allow linking from domains you do not own has put me off for the time being. While I still believe in the company, the recent move has left me promoting them on only a few of my larger sites at present. I get solid 4% conversions with this program, so overall I am pleased, albeit waiting to see how the recent changes will affect my income over the next few months.

5. A relatively new program to me is the Pepperjam network. I am still in the process of testing them on some of my blogs, and have been pleased so far with the results. So pleased with the customer service of the company, in fact, that I am more than willing to recommend them at this early point in my testing. My initial trials are supporting my suspicion that Pepperjam will be a solid earner from here on out.

6. Clickbank is another of my favorites and has been a solid earner for me for the last several years. While I do not promote them heavily, commissions of $20 or more per product make this program hard to pass by. In addition, their weekly payments are a welcome relief when other affiliate programs pay monthly.

There are many other high paying affiliate programs out there worthy of both your attention and promotion, but I consider the above listed programs to be the cream of the crop. I have promoted all of them at one time or another or used the text based ads to monetize content for sites not selling physical products or goods.

Each of the above has their own merits, and all have never failed to pay right on time whenever I had monies due to me. Most can be used in conjunction with one and other, although the terms of service agreements change frequently enough for me to want to caution you carefully read them before mixing monetization on one site with 2 or more programs.

How Choosing the Right Affiliate Program Increases Your Revenues

Internet search engine traffic is a fickle thing. What will monetize and convert well on one site will have dismal conversion rates on another, even within the same niche. In my experience, pages which convert well for physical goods will likely not convert as well for ad based monetization and vice versa.

I do not have any idea why this is true, but for me anyway, it is the reality on a huge 90% of my pages. I test monetization constantly to see which one will produce the best for me on a particular blog or page. Interestingly enough, the more product links and ads you put on one page, the less likely you are for traffic to that page to convert. You would think more chances would give you a better shot a making money for your affiliate marketing efforts, but no, all more does is keep your traffic from taking the desired action. Less desired action means less conversion and money in your account at the end of the month.

What this means to you is that you can greatly improve your conversion rates, and make more money, by selecting one program to promote per page, or two at the most. Further, you should test all of the programs you promote for a period of time to see which will convert the best for your traffic base. You can further increase your revenues by then selecting the best programs for that particular page. Believe me, by paying close attention to testing how your traffic responds, I have learned you can increase your revenues by as much as 50% or more just for paying strict attention to testing your conversion rates.

What is the best way to make money with affiliate programs? Be sure to pick the best program for each single page or blog you wish to monetize.