Content websites are becoming a popular way of making money online. Content websites need writers. Many are accepting writers who have no formal experience while others are slightly more picky.

All you have to do is write an article, either on a topic you chose or one they want you to write about. You don't get paid upfront fees instead you get paid (usually) for the views (traffic) and popularity of your article.

In order to increase the traffic you can do many different things. Try;

Participating in the forums or message boards on the website. You get to know other members and they get to know you. Introduce yourself and try and get to know a couple of people. Most are very welcoming, many will view your profile and hopefully see your work. Don't force them or pressure them into checking out your work.
Whenever a new member signs up to the content site send them a greeting message. It makes them feel welcome and at the same time they can check out your work too.
Create a blog or a website. Promoting your work this way is easy. Just provide small samples of your work and then a more at the end with a link to your work.

Most of the work on content websites ends up very easily on search engines such as yahoo or google. Write about topics which seem to be popular and appealing to you. Good luck!