Google AdSense is a way to earn money from traffic received through written content. Whether that content is a poem, a blog post or even an article on how to install carpet, money is earned through Google AdSense.

What is Google Adwords?

All of the advertising is managed through the Google Adwords program. Google Adwords matches advertisers with written content on a blog or website that participates with Google AdSense. Advertisers pay Google to display their ads and blog or website owners will display ads for Google. Advertisements are matched to the same niche or relevant written blog post or website content.

What is Google AdSense?

Blog and website owners share the revenue that Google earns from the Adwords program when Google displays their advertisements on a blog or website platform. Blog and website owners are helping Google to advertise and in return they share the income they generate. Income generated is split roughly 60/40 with 60% to the blog or website owner. The program that is used to generate the ads and split the profits is called Google AdSense.

Blog and website owners are not the only way to earn with Google AdSense. There are tons of authority or content sites that have been established that want written content. For an example, Triond is a writing site that publishes written content for writers on several different websites. Writers can produce written content on an unlimited amount of subject material. These authority or content sites will publish work and split the profits through Google AdSense with the writer. Depending on the site the income is split many different ways. Some will split the profits 60/40, some will split 80/20 and there are even sites that will split the earnings 100%.

Commissions or Income with AdSense

Commissions or income with Google AdSense is earned several different ways. Income is generated when advertisers sell a product or service. You will earn 60% of the commission. Earnings are also received from clicks on the ads. Earnings per click are the majority of how income is earned. Earnings per click depend on how much the advertiser is paying Google for the ad. Some earnings are 4 cents while others can generate $17 per click.

Advertisers will pay more for popular words on the internet because they are searched for more on the internet. Words like unemployment, earning money, how to install Windows and other popular search terms will earn more per click.

Google does not reveal how much is earned for each ad. However, Google AdSense does offer a resource that reveals a running total of AdSense earnings each day, week or month. From this information determine the average earned per click for each day for an estimate of earnings per click. For an example, if clicks today for a blog totaled 10 and the earnings were $30, then the average earned per click was $3. More details are not forthcoming when it comes to calculations of what each ad is earning with Google AdSense.

Earnings depend a lot on traffic received. Therefore, creating content that will increase traffic is key to successfully earning more income using Google AdSense. The more traffic generated the more views received for ads and the more likely sales or click thrus will occur.

Promote content to earn more

Promoting content will generate more traffic. If traffic does not come to content, take a piece of content to traffic sources. Promote content using social media sites, YouTube and similar resources.

AdSense earnings are not a “get rich quick” scheme. There are thousands of blog owners, website owners and writers all over the internet that do earn thousands each month with Google AdSense. One of the wonderful things about earning with Google AdSense is that a piece of quality content can earn over and over.

The more content written the more earnings generated using AdSense. Quality content written from keyword research and Search Engine Optimization will increase traffic and earnings with Google AdSense.