What was MyLot? Why Would They Pay Users?

MyLot was an online forum that was an extremely simple way to make some extra money online.  Essentially, MyLot was a paid to post program that paid its members to participate in their forum. They not only paid members to write posts and engage in conversations in their only forum, but they also paid members to complete tasks on the site.

You may wonder, "Why did MyLot pay its members to post on their forum?"--a very valid question.  Essentially, MyLot was paying members to be active in its forum in order to increase the site's content and traffic.  MyLot gets paid via advertisers and the more people on their site, the more revenue they earn from advertisers.  They were happy to pass along and share some of the earnings with their members.

By encouraging users to build the content on the site, their goal was to not only make the site more popular but also increase its pagerank on search engines.   MyLot's strategy was that by sharing their revenue with users who participated in their forum, they would have active users who would return to their forum over other forum to chat online/discuss issues.  MyLot would have more users/traffic and therefore, earn more from advertisers.

Ways Users Were Able to Earn Money on MyLot

Ask Questions

Whenever a user asked a question and someone else gave an answer, MyLot members would earn money. The more popular the question, the more a member would earn.

Answer Questions
Members would also be paid to answer questions and they earned more money by answering questions with as much detail as possible and having them be at least 3 to 4 sentences in length. It also helped to use keywords or words that were used in the question.  The more search engine friendly content a member produced, the more they were paid

Add Images
MyLot also paid users to upload images to their site. Users could add images to their questions and answers.

Your Interests
MyLot users were able to sign-up for/identify their interests and whenever they submitted a question through one of their interest categories, MyLot paid them extra.

Complete Tasks

There was a task section on MyLot where other MyLot members requested users perform certain tasks and they would be paid a pre-identified amount for performing the tasks.  

MyLot also paid users 25% of what their referrals earned on the site.

Changes to MyLot

MyLot's strategy of creating an online message board community in which they gained authority through paying their members to participate in the forums failed.  Whether it was their strategy itself or changes to SEO and the overall paid to write community as a whole, in 2013 MyLot abandoned their paid to participate format and got rid of their message board system entirely.  Now they look like a Twitter rip-off.

However, former MyLot members should take head, that there are still dozens of ways to make money online.  Many of which are far more profitable and successful than MyLot which at the end of the day only really paid pennies.  I know that with my (admittedly very limited participation) I only earned a few dollars and never met the $10 minimum payout after being a member for years!