Where I'm Coming From

(My Blogs Numbers)

I began blogging as a 13 year old. Back in the days of Xanga.com I certainly hope that my old stuff is impossible to find. Back then Blogging was basically just a way of crying for attention, and for some that still is all blogging is used for.

However, the world has changed.

People use the internet everyday and are looking for more than just poorly written pity parties.

Almost 3 years ago I switched to a Blogger.com where I could track statistics and monetize my blog. In two years I have made $17.35 off of  109 posts. That is a whopping $0.15 per post. At this rate it will take me 628 posts to reach the $100 benchmark required for Adsense to actually send me a check. Clearly I am headed for early retirement, more like a room with padded walls.

Here is some proof:AdsenseCredit: Jacob Fields

You can also see that last month I made $1.65 that was off 11 published blog posts.  This also lines up with my $0.15 per post. (I had to remove analytic numbers to not violate Adsense TOS)

 Perhaps you have also experienced a similar frustration trying to build a side income online. 

Now I am like most bloggers. I post relatively frequently when convenient about whatever is on my mind instead of writing something that people actually care to read. Over the last 7 months I have averaged 200 visits per month, a total of 2,942 page views. This has been increasing recently so I cannot extrapolate the information back over the last 3 years to tell you how bad the numbers really look.

Building your own platform is not easy, it takes forever. 

If your blog number are any where close to as bad as mine it makes sense why you would give up.

Instead of quitting try a "Strategic redistribution of effort"


Use InfoBarrel Instead

You will make more money

I posted my first article on February 20th 2014 and my second article 6 days later.  

Here are the dramatically Different results from my first 8 Days on InfoBarrel:

Info Barrel EarningsCredit: Jacob Fields

As you can see after only 8 days on InfoBarrel.com I am already averaging $0.62 per post. The cool thing is that these articles will continue to gain traffic over time because of the community of readers and writers that InfoBarrel has built. 

If I only make this much on average every month (let alone 8 days) and I extend it over the same time frame as my blog I will make $44.28 on InfoBarrel.com  compared to my blog.

If I only average $0.62 per post (which is unlikely) and I extend that over the same amount of posts on my blog I would make $67.58

Why is it unlikely that my per post average will stay at $0.62?

Your Earnings Increase Over Time

Once you write an article it is there online forever. So this means that you can spend just a little bit of effort on existing articles to either improve them or drive new traffic to them.

You also have the ability to edit your articles once they are published to improve them. Better articles help increase your earnings because people are more likely to read something that is written well.

The longer you are on Info Barrel and the more traffic your posts get, the higher you climb in search engines and your article could over time become the authority on what you wrote about. 

Your % of revenue can go up. By posting articles that are relevant to subjects in the editorial calendar then submitting them you can increase your revenue share by 1% per article for up to 5 articles. Additionally by participating in the "Writing Contest" you can receive points, for reaching 20 points in a given month your share increases by another 5% and if you get to 30 points add another 5% on top of that. You can go from 75% to 90% of the ad revenue.[1]

 Writing will never be a get rich quick way of earning money but there is realistic opportunity to generate a nice income, and InfoBarrel is a great way to do it.

Give it a try yourself


  1. Don't be a frustrated blogger who doesn't make any money
  2. You can make a significantly higher amount of money faster with InfoBarrel
  3. Earning Increase over time (if you put in the work)
  4. Its Not Get Rich Quick - But you can make money!