There are a lot of ways to make more money on your Info Barrel articles. How much are your articles earning? Have you written one that earns double digits each month? If so, you know how exciting it can be. Have you written one that averages a buck a day yet, pulling in about $30 per month? If you have, just think about what that really means.

You put in some time to write it, maybe thirty minutes, or an hour. At an hour, you will have made about $30 per hour, the first month. After one year, assuming the rate continues, you will make $360! Now imagine what happens in one, two, or even five years. You can make thousands with one article!

Most authors, including myself, find that 20% of their articles account for 80% of their income. This is perfectly natural and normal. Writing for money online often works like that. There are some things you can do to make your articles earn even more money. Let's go over a few basics.


Search engine optimization is a fancy term that people use. Essentially, it's all about making the search engines like your article, so you can land on the front page of the search results. You are going to read a lot of different information from a lot of different people. I've read some articles claiming that 20% keyword density was perfect. This is way too high. In that instance, one of every five words in the article would be a keyword.

My keyword is "loan." Let's get it in sentence form, 20% of the time.

Take out a loan. You can get a loan at the bank. You will pay interest on the loan. Read the loan paperwork carefully. There may be loan origination fees with your loan.

How ridiculous is that? It sounds ridiculous. It's actually only about 18%, too. Can you imagine how absurd it would sound at 20%? A much better estimate is in the 2%-3% range.

As some of you already know, I'm working on an Info Barrel eBook with x3xsolxdierx3x, Howie. I'm going to drive deep into SEO, LSI, and LSA in those books. I have given specific, although sort of generic, advice in the comments of my article, My Info Barrel Experience

Take a look at the article. It will give you some ideas.

As is the case with about half of my articles, this one is not optimized. I am writing it solely in hopes of helping out a few readers.


One of the best ways to make more money on Info Barrel articles is completing the easy requirements of the contests each month. The contests change a little each month, but generally speaking, you can get the top Adsense impression level by earning just 30 points for the month. This is only six articles, 1,000 words each.

To figure out exactly what 90% is to the author, versus the normal, but still quite generous 75%, let's look at an example.

You get 100 clicks on your articles for the month. We will assume each click pays you one dollar. With a 75% share, you will, on average, make $75 for the month. With a 90% share, on average, you will earn $90 for the month. This represents a 20% increase. How much money have you left on the table by not achieving the top tier each month?


For now, authors will get the vast majority of their traffic through search engines and any social sites used to promote the articles, like Over time, as the site grows, there will be more traffic driven to articles through the site itself, as loyal readership grows. Since we are dealing with right here, right now, you must be aware of the role competition plays in your article placement.

Referring to the article, My Info Barrel Experience again, I state that a good ratio is 1,000 to 1. This means by using the Wordtracker tool, explained in more detail in that article's comment section, and comparing to Google results, a ratio of 1000 Google results to 1 point Wordtracker is prime. There are some times when you can really expand on this, going as high as 6000 to 1 or higher, but that's for another day. For now, less experienced authors will want to stick with the lower ratio, and get a feel for the system. You will find this to be a very effective way to drive more traffic to your article, and make more money.


Many Info Barrel authors like to promote their articles on the many social sites out there. This can be a good way to drive more traffic to your articles. Personally, I do almost nothing in terms of article promotion, other than submitting about 10% of my articles to Still, it can be effective. It does work for many authors, and it really won't take you too long to do. Give it a shot, you may get great results. Many authors are able to really maximize their Info Barrel earnings this way.


Many of the articles you write on Info Barrel will earn more money naturally, over time. As the site gains favor with Google, many of your articles will naturally rise through the search engine results, making them much easier for readers to find. While some will dispute how much relevance Alexa ranking has on this, it is safe to say that the better score a site has, the more favor it gains with Google.

Have you ever noticed that some of the articles make nothing for two weeks, and then take off? If you have, there really are several reasons. It is possible that you received a back link from a site that is driving traffic to your article. It is also possible that the ads on the article are finally starting to match up. In addition, Google will rotate well performing ads on your article, as the search engine learns which ones perform best.

I don't advocate doing nothing. I am simply attempting to point out that immediate results are not always going to happen.