is currently one of the best places to make money writing online. To make more money writing for eHow, there are 4 tips that will help you.

Write About Things You Know
Try to find your inspiration for your articles from everyday life. Your writing will be better quality and you will not have to do a lot of research if you write about things that you know. Writing eHow articles about things you experience in everyday life will also allow you to take pictures. Adding pictures to your writing adds credibility. Adding pictures is one of the tips listed for all new writer on the eHow website.

Write Using Keywords that Get Search Results
Using the idea for your article, brainstorm for keywords that can apply to that idea. For example if you are writing about cooking apples consider: cooking apples, baking apples, apple recipes, canning apples, apple crisp, etc. Type these keywords into the Google Adsense keyword tool, or Wordtracker keyword tool. Find a few keywords that apply to your idea for an article that are well searched on the internet. The keyword tools tell you how often words are searched each month.

Write Articles that Haven't Been Overdone Already
Now that you have an idea for an eHow article and you have keywords in mind, search eHow for those keywords. Has the article already been done? If the answer is 'yes,' you might want to choose different keywords. If the article has been overdone at eHow, definitely choose new keywords. The reason for this is because eHow has a process of backlinking to previous articles from in a given topic. For example, an eHow article written today will backlink to an article previously written using similar keywords. These backlinks are quality dofollow backlinks recognized by Google. Quality backlinks recognized by Google are like gold and will do amazing things for traffic to your article. Any topic that is frequently searched online, but not yet written about on eHow will earn very well.

Promoting Your Articles
Promoting your articles will help you make more money from your ehow articles. I do not recommend spamming your links, but rather focusing on quality links. Some of the best places to do this are,,,, or a personal blog. A lot of time can be spent promoting, so try not to overdo this step or it will cut into the amount you earn per hour writing for eHow.