Freelance writers are writing as a business. Making money is the goal. If you love the work you want to the ability to earn enough to let the nine to five go. One way wonderful way to make money is residual or passive income. This is income that you earn for the same article or content over and over again.

 When considering making money online with articles through residual income there are some key points to follow. This article outlines those points to get a start on making that residual income.

 Select the correct articles for submission

 When deciding what topics to write your articles about you want to create content that will get you the most page views. More page views equal more money. If you choose keywords that are high on the search engine optimization (SEO), the likelihood of page views increases. Do your research and write your articles geared toward these key words

 Target keywords within your content

If you are using keywords, make sure you have them in your content. The content should flow smoothly so be very careful that when you are using these keywords you don’t damage your great article by overuse or misuse

  1. Submit a lot of articles

 The more articles submitted, the more page views you will receive and the more money you will make. Submitting plenty of articles is only one portion of this advice. Remember, your name as an author is on this information. Make certain you are submitting content and information you can be proud of as a writer. Articles that have value will receive more page views

  1. Informative articles receive page views

 Page views are the key to your passive or residual income. When you promote and submit informative articles they will come to you. Link your articles to each other and you will receive more than one page view per visitor. If you write excellent informative articles you can also receive readers that can subscribe to your RSS feed. When you put a new article out on the web, they will receive the new articles for reading immediately.

 Link your articles from one to another. If you are able to link to several other articles from one article, that is even better. You don’t have to necessarily link within the same site, you can link to another article on a different site if you would like to. If you have a popular article that you identify is receiving a lot of page views, link to that article if you are making revenue for page views on that particular site.

These are suggestions to assist you with getting more out of your passive or residual income as a writer. Remember when writing any content, your name is on the work and you want to be proud of what you have produced.