Domain Parking for Passive Income. Does it Work?

Make Passive Income Parking Domain Names.

Can you make money with on of your unused domain names? Well, yes and no. It all depends on how you do it. Domain investing is big business and potentially there is a lot of money to be made. But before you jump in with the big dogs you should start out slow to avoid risking your shirt.

One way to start in the domaining business is to park a domain you already own. Many people purchase a domain name with the intention of starting a blog or family web site or even an online store, and many people give up on their project leaving the domain name sitting in cyberspace doing nothing. Chances are if you have an unused domain your hosting company has already parked it on their server and is collecting money everytime someone lands on that page and clicks on an ad. Well, there's no reason why that money shouldn't go to you. It is your domain, right? So, park it yourself.

Domain parking is as simple as finding a domain parking service, point your DNS server name to the parking service and that's it. The parking service will build a home page with ads and links, neatly designed, and everytime you get a visitor clicks on an ad, you make money. it's that simple. and it works, at least in theory.

But there are some drawbacks to domain parking. You will have to share the ad click revenue with the parking service h0sting your domain; they will always take their share. Also, you'll be lucky if your site is ever seen. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo have become wise to parked domains and they are starting to not including web sites with no real pertinant or valuable information. They simply don't get a high rank and won't show up in a search. You could make some pocket change from a parked domain but don't quit your day job.

But, hang on. Ther are a few things you can do to make domain parking work for you.  Many domainers will park a name while they actively try to sell it. Buying and selling domain names can be a profitable business and parking a name can help cover the cost of registration if the name doesn't sell right away.

Another way to increase your income from a parked domain is to find a parking service that puts fresh content on your page. Services like this have benefits and limitations. Some will require that you have a minimum number of  domain names and some will charge a monthly fee if you want to be able to customize your pages and add your own. Domain parking companies like this will provide a constant flow of new articles from their database. This keeps your sites fresh so search engines will index it as a valid and active website. They also allow you to place third party ads, like Adsence and Chikita, on your pages. It also allows you to post original content, such as your own articles. With this customizaiton you can also monetise your site with affiliate links and images creating somewhat of an online store. Lastly, you can control your keywords and meta tags allowing you to target a niche audience.  With a small investment of less than $100 you can get started with a domain name investment and hopefully bring in a little extra spending cash.

No matter what domain parking service you choose, it is highly recommended that you do some research on what type of domain name to get, what is envolved in optimizing your parked site for search engines, and how to market your sites. In other words, test the waters first and have a plan.