If you buy Play Doh a lot, you might be interested in this long-lasting, cheap, and BETTER SMELLING version of play dough that you can make at your house.

Things You Will Need

Cream of Tartar
Boiling Water
Lidded containers (baby food containers work great!)

Step 1

Boil the KettleBoil the kettle.
You're going to need a measured cup of boiling water.

Step 2

Mix Play DoughCombine the following ingredients:

One cup of flour

1/2 a cup of salt

1 envelope of Kool-Aid or Freshie (your choice. Make several batches to have several colours and scents)

1 tablespoon of Cream of Tartar powder (check your spice rack)

1 tbsp veg oil

Step 3

Add the boiling water to the ingredients and mix

Step 4

Store Play Dough

Let cool and then put in sealable containers

Not only does this homemade version of play dough cost next to nothing to make but it doesn't harden as badly as play doh. You'll still want to keep it sealed but it's much more forgiving than the commercial stuff.

It has the consistency of school plasticine and it smells SO MUCH better. It smells like Kool Aid.
And, your child won't get sick from eating it. With all the salt, it won't taste very good but it's filled with safe-to-consume ingredients.

Tips & Warnings