When a person gets up in the morning he or she has many decisions they make. Many of the decisions are done without thinking about them. Some of the decisions are scratch your ear, brush your teeth, use the bathroom, and to get dressed. Each day you will do most if not all of these activities automatically. You will also have to make many important decisions each day that you will have to think about. Some are minor, such as should I eat a breakfast burrito or bowl of oatmeal for breakfast? Other choices are more intense and could have life altering consequences.

Some decisions are automatically done by you, but they should not be. A great example is for cigarette smokers. Many cigarette smokers automatically light up a cigarette in the morning without thinking about it. It is automatic. The same as tying your shoelaces. It is something you just do. Habits, both good and bad, become so ingrained into our mind that we tend to do them automatically. What if we could change some of the negative choices we choose each day such as smoking cigarettes, and transform it into a new habit that is beneficial such as exercise?

It is not easy to break habits and then transform them into a new habit but it can be done. When Chuck Norris was stationed in Guam when he was young and in the military use to walk each day after work a few miles to the Dojo to learn Karate. Chuck Norris made walking to the Dojo and practicing the art of Karate a habit. He did not wake up in the morning saying "hmm, I wonder if I will go to the Dojo tonight." Chuck Norris simply went to the Dojo so often that it became a habit ingrained into his autonomous actions.

What if Chuck Norris would have chosen instead to stay at the barracks and drink beer and play cards with Private Boozer? Chuck Norris may of become a damned good pinochle player but he also may of died due to alcohol abuse. Instead of fostering negative habits Chuck Norris had a good habit. He walked to the karate Dojo and focused his life on learning and mastering the art and philosophy known as Karate.

Although Chuck Norris missed a lot of time he could have been bonding with his buddies at the barracks drinking beer, it paid off in the long run. Chuck Norris has extended his life by living health and exercising as opposed to drinking alcohol daily and smoking cigarettes. His love and passion for Karate also paid off when he became a movie and TV star.

When it comes to your passion you need to focus on it. Even though you are passionate about an activity or topic, it does not mean you will fully pursue it to 100 percent of your ability. Chuck Norris chose to walk to the Dojo that was far away from his military base in order to learn Karate. He could have instead stayed in his barracks laying on his bed reading about Karate from a book.

If you are truly interested in a topic or activity then pursue it. If you are truly PASSIONATE about a topic or activity then you need to push yourself to walk to the Dojo, so to speak.

Regardless of your interest or passion in life, as long as it is generally healthy, then pursue it too the utmost of your abilities. Do not focus too much on how you will use the knowledge you will learn. Chuck Norris had no idea that one day he would be an action movie star making millions of dollars annually. Chuck Norris was simply passionate about something and forced himself to remain loyal to his passion regardless of how he felt each day.

Chuck Norris made his passion of Karate a loyal part of his life. Karate eventually transformed Chuck Norris into a rich movie star who is loving life.

When thinking about choices and what path you want to follow in life it is easy to get distracted and sidetracked. One thing to keep in mind is what if Chuck Norris would have stayed at the Barracks each day drinking beer instead of heading to the Karate Dojo? Chuck Norris may have ended up working later in life at a factory, in a job he hated, living paycheck to paycheck, and generally just hating life. Eventually he may of become a full blown alcoholic and died early of liver disease.

Look at the choices you make and then imagine where your life will be in 20 years. If you are drinking heavily, smoking cigarettes, or just wasting time away then you will either be dead, sick, or living a similar life in 20 years. If instead you are doing a daily activity that is healthy and you are passionate about, such as Karate, then who knows where life will take you. I do know that your life will be much more enjoyable if you choose to pursue a healthy activity that your are passionate about.

When you are old do you want to be full of regrets or do you want to be like Chuck Norris who looks back on his life, smiles, and says "Damn that was a fun life".?

From now on find a way to pursue something you are passionate about that is healthy. If you love Yoga then pursue Yoga. If you are passionate about fishing and camping then go fishing and camping as often as possible. Learn all you can about fishing and camping. You may not become a rich movie and television actor but you may just end up owning your own outdoors sporting goods shop. I can assure you, running a successful outdoors store is much more enjoyable then working general labor at a factory. It is also a lot more enjoyable not to be hooked up to an oxygen machine gasping for air when you fart simply because you spent your years smoking cigarettes.

Make your passion your life's destiny. Pursue your passion and force yourself to be loyal to your mentor. A life worth living is your life. Don't look back on life with regret. Make healthy choices and pursue you passion. Start today. Start right now.