Make Extra Cash To Pay Bills!

If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash to pay bills, buy presents or to help save for an emergency fund, there are quite a few things you can do to make the extra quick cash that you desire.  Although some may take a little more effort than others, you can make extra cash doing just about anything, including turning junk in to cash, and turning your hobbies and interests into cash. There is really no limit as to what you can do to bring in extra cash when you need it.

 If you have no job, and need money, these resources are also a good way to make the money you need while you are looking for a new job.


1. Rent out An Extra Room In Your Home

If you have a home, barring any security issues, you can rent out an extra room to a boarder.  This is good for a few extra hundred dollars per month depending on what is included in the rental and the location of the rental.  Boarding college students, travelling nurses, people who are just in town for a short time, international students or other trustworthy applicants can be a good way to get the extra cash you need on a guaranteed and regular basis.  Since they are living in your house, there is no other expense other than what you would do regularly.  Having a boarder is different than renting an apartment although the rental contract may look similar.


2.  Sell Your Knowledge (Coaching/Teaching)

Whatever you know, you can make money doing it.  Can you sew well? Do you know English well and can teach it to an international student or tutor. How about math?  Anything you know well, you can sell your services to someone else, especially in this age of the Internet. Natural English speakers make good money selling their services to those who want to learn English abroad.  With the use of Skype and a computer you can make good money.  Sewing is always a very quick way to make money.  You can sell to individuals, local merchant or even at flea markets.


3. Freelance Writing and Computer Technical Projects

If you can write or have knowledge of computer languages and work, then you can easily get quick assignments for places like, and  to name a few. For people who can write, there are endless assignments from different places that you can get online that pay you almost immediately.


4. Sell Product At Online Auctions

You can buy items at the local dollar store or at a local flea market and sell them on or You can also create your own product and sell them on Zazzle.  Selling at online auctions has no limits. You can sell just about anything as long as it is legal.  Dollar store, outlet and flea market items sell really well at online auctions, as do hand made products that you make yourself.


5. Data Entry Jobs

You have probably seen advertisements for data entry jobs that are 90 percent scams.  However, there are a few legitimate places where you can find good data entry jobs. Again, you can visit,, and to find legitimate data entry jobs. 


6.  Online Trading

With sites like TD Ameritrade and Scottrade, you can play the stock market.  You should however, learn how to do this properly because you can end up losing money instead of making money.  Books like Making A Living Off The Market, can help you understand the world of trading and how to invest your money wisely so it gains.  This book also helps you recognize when it is time to sell and cut your losses.  For $75 per month, you also get help from someone who has turned $1000 in to $1,000,000 within an eight year period, several times over.


7. Start A Home Based Business

Start a part-time business.  A service business is the best and quickest way to make money.  Clean windows at mom and pop businesses in the neighborhood, paint house numbers on sidewalks (after getting a city permit of course), clean houses, clean churches etc.  You can also sell Mary Kay, sell Avon or even making money finding “for sale” signs in your neighborhood.  When looking for a good home business to start, think about what you are trying to accomplish, how much money you want to make, and how much time you have to dedicate to the business.


8. Do Online Surveys

Online surveys are also a quick way to make money.  Companies like American Consumer Opinion and Survey U are well-known legitimate online survey sites.  You usually get paid according to the topic and length of the surveys.  Surveys can range from .20 all the way up to $10 or $20 depending on the survey itself. 


9.  Sell Storage Contents

When people put their items in storage, they usually sign a contract that says if they don’t pay for a period of time, then the storage content can be sold.  These storage contents are usually put up for auction.  After purchasing abandoned storage content at an auction usually for a fraction of the price, the item is then yours to sell how you please.  You can sell the items online, at flea markets, at a yard sale or by other legal means. You can make good money selling abandoned storage content, but it does require some initial investment.


10. Multi Level Marketing

Some people believe that Donald Trump said in an interview if he were to ever lose all his money, then he would join a multi-level marketing company and build his wealth back up.  I’m not sure how accurate that is, but many people have claimed to hear him say that.  We all know that many people have made good money on multi-level marketing but it has to be the right opportunity and the opportunity must be a legitimate one.  Most popular multi-level marketing companies are those like Amway, Amazon Herbs and NuSkin.  You can find MLM companies in just about every industry; it all depends on what your interests are and whether you like hard sales or soft sales. 


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