Making quick easy money at home is not a pipe dream. There are thousands of people making fast money at home everyday. How do you get started making quick easy money at home? Here are ten options for getting started on a shoestring.

1. Become a writer or data processor and get paid right away. The internet is growing at a phenomenal rate and needs hundreds of thousands of new content pages written daily. You can cash in by finding a freelance writing job or working for one of the many article writing services online.

2. Become an internet ad writer by checking the make money online boards for those wanting Google ads written. You can make money right away by taking a contract job to write ads for others.

3. Make money answering other people's questions on Mahalo. Mahalo is like Yahoo answers, only you get paid. If you have a penchant for internet research and love to read and write, answering questions is a good way for you to make money online for free.

4. Become a virtual assistant and make money helping businesses get their work done. Many working from home need office support on either a part time or sporadic basis, get enough clients and make a full time income with no start up expenses.

5. Medical transcription services are another good business to work from home. All you need is the skills and the equipment and you can happily work from home making a good fulltime wage.

6. If you have good skills in a specialized area, try becoming a consultant. Consultants make a higher than average wage, without the expenses most business start ups incur.

7. If you enjoy photography, why not sell digital stock photos? There are many sites offering commissions for photography of all types. There is great demand for all types of photos from snap shots to vintage prints and more artistic professional photography.

8.Become a gold dealer, yes, selling scrap gold is big money with the price of gold approaching $1000 per ounce and expected to go higher still. Scour estate sales and offer to buy gold for cash will make you some good money in this market.

9. Become an Ebay seller out of your house. If you have things laying around you do not use, start there or use your specialized knowledge to sell within niche market. Ebay sellers with the right products can make well over full time incomes with little inventory.

10. If you are really tight on funds or do not want to sell on Ebay, become a Craigslist seller instead. Craigslist ads are free, and you can accomplish the same results without the price of the auction. I know several people who use both Ebay and Craigslist at the same time to help control selling costs and get a wider client base.

Making quick easy money at home is not as difficult as some would have you believe. What you really need to do to be successful is to chose the option which best matches your interests and skills.