Make that perfect rice every time!

Perfect water to rice ratio!

Are you struggling to get the water to rice ratio to a perfect harmonious fix? Have you bought a rice cooker and thought: “Well now that I own a rice cooker, my rice will always come out perfect – Just like Uncle Ben’s”.

Have you consulted the likes of your family members who have been cooking since the dawn of humanity, and all you hear is the same old wisdom: “To make rice you use one cup of rice which equals two cups of water.”

Well rejoice, because I am here to share with you a little rice cooking secret which was taught to me by an old colleague who was born in the Philippines. Once he showed me how he makes rice I was aw struck by his shamanistic wisdom.

I soon learned that most people in Asia have been taught this little phenomenon as soon as their toddlers learn to walk.

Here it is!

No matter if you are cooking your rice old school- hence in a regular pot, or have upgraded to a rice cooker (the best $20 I ever spent in my life!), the trick is this:

Use the first line of your index finger as the measuring line!

Say What??? 

Yes, the first line of your index finger. So simple but oh so beautiful...Let me explain further.

The rice is in the cooking device. Don’t measure how much, just poor the rice from the bag into the pot or rice-cooker.

When that is done (not sure what you prefer, but I rinse my rice once or twice) level the rice more or less evenly on the pots surface.

Place your index finger on top of the rice. Meaning point your finger at the rice and keep going to it until the top of your finger/ nail touches the top surface of the rice- Stop there.

Poor water into the pot or rice-cooker until the water reaches the first line of your index finger.

Voila! That is it.

That is the mystery.

If you like your rice more crunchy stop the water at the line of your index finger. If you like your rice more soft and mushy add a little more.

No matter if you have big hands or have small hands. This trick works!

Try it, play with it...I promise you it will work.

If you have your rice-cooker, press the button and walk away. If you are old school carry on stirring that pot.

Never again will you have to struggle with the question of how many cups of water do I need for this rice here?