A lot of people want to wear a Roman soldier costume this Halloween. If you are the type that has a good body and muscles to show off, the Roman soldier costume is a perfect choice. Different varieties of Roman soldier costumes are available in costume stores. You can also make your own Roman soldier costume. The costume we are going to make in this article is the one that is worn by the infantry during the Roman period.

The materials required to make the Roman soldier costume are: a vinyl butcher apron, 2 yards of vinyl fabric that is matching, needle and thread or sewing machine, glue, fake coins, and Velcro patches. To start with the apron straps and strings should be cut off. Two inches of vinyl straps can be used for the shoulders after cutting. The straps can be sewed to the apron. The chest cover can be turned inside out. You can cut six more straps and attach it to the shoulder to create the fringes.

For the belt, three inch wide vinyl strap can be cut to fit your waist using Velcro. The belt should be a little longer than your natural waist length. Now after you have made the belt, you can set it aside. Nine other strips of vinyl should be cut out and they should be six inches long and three inches wide. Eight strips that are two inches in width should also be cut and their length should be according to the length from your waist to your knees.

The strips that were cut out should be sewed on to the belt that had been made previously. You can arrange the strips in an order such that one longer strip is followed by the shorter strip. Now you can attach the strips to the belt by sewing it with thread carefully.

The super glue should be used to attach the fake coins to the fringes that were attached to the shoulders of the chest cover or top gear. Some fake coins should be attached to the shorter strips of the skirt one by one. This can easily fixed with the super glue. Neat work should be done to create the perfect costume.

To add more comfort, you can add a zipper to the back and front of the top gear. You can also make holes on either side and attach it by inserting threads into them and tying firmly. Shin and arm guards can be made from the left over vinyl. For giving the finishing touch, you can wear a gladiator helmet.