If you are one of those crafty people that can sew, crochet or knit then you should not waste that talent. There are so many people doing it tough these days that a little bit of love from you crafters could make their Christmas day better.

Why not spend a couple of hours and check out your cupboards looking for all that scrap material, wool and crochet cotton and make simple easy to make crafty gifts for the homeless this Christmas.

These days there are so many people living on the streets, under bridges, even in the bush because they do not have the money to live anywhere else. Then there are families actually living out of their cars because they have nowhere else to go and live. There are many reasons that can bring a person down and lead them to become homeless. It can be an illness, losing their job, and hundreds of other reasons that leave them destitute, and it is not their fault.

They may have been buying a home and the company they worked for has gone out of business and can no longer employ them. If they cannot find a replacement job they will fall beyond in their mortgages and eventually lose everything they have worked all their lives to keep the dream of owning their own home alive.

Many farmers are going through similar circumstances through drought, floods and other environmental problems. Their crops are either washed away or stops growing through lack of water. Yes these people still have to pay their mortgages and find the money to feed their children. It becomes a never ending battle trying to make ends meet. To try and juggle which bill to pay and which to put aside is not easy. Especially when kids are saying I am hungry, why can't we have this or that?

At the moment thousands of people have had to leave their homes in Queensland Australia due to the excessive rains and the streets are flooded. Some people have lost their homes and businesses and everything they once treasured and worked their whole lives for. People stacked up their furniture and possessions only to find the whole home are farm completely underwater.

This adds to the trauma of their lives, especially if something happens to older people, they will lose the drive to start again. Never think it won't happen to you, because life and death is not something we can ever be certain of. Yes we can make all those plans, but it is the unexpected things like an accidental death in the family or even a global tragedy that no one can prepare for. Any of these things can end your dreams without warning.


What you can do to help


No you do not have to be rich or give money. Just use your talents and the things you have in your own home to make simple easy to make crafty gifts for the homeless this Christmas. It will make their awful day a lot brighter. There are innocent children without enough food, but a little gift of homemade toys will put a smile on their little faces.


Anything that you can take the time to make out of your busy schedule will help one or two homeless people. This is all I am asking you to do, whether it's making a child's dress, tee-shirts, and toys for the kids, crochet or knitted blankets. Crochet or knitted tops or beanies for children or adults. The main thing is to make something they can use; having said that it would be no good crocheting doilies and those types of things as they could not use them in their cardboard box or car.


Not a crafty type of Person


For those people that are not crafty then you can still help. Look through your overflowing cupboards stuffed with goodies. Yes, if you look you will find lots of clothes that do not fit anymore, or food that you can spare to help someone out. Or even toys that your children do not play with anymore. I am sure they will not even miss them.

Can you cook?

If you can cook you should be able to make a few little cakes or fruit mince pies and take them down to the shelters to hand out.

By helping the homeless do you realize how much you will help yourself. It will make you feel good about yourself because you know that at this busy time of year you have actually taken the time to help someone needing your help. This will do wonders for your moral.

I am sure these sorts of things will go a long way to making their Christmas day a lot brighter for the homeless this year.

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