Sour Becomes Sweet

Magic Berries: Make Sour Taste Sweet

magic berries

With a name like this, it's hard to take seriously. Believe me, this is not a hoax. Miracle Berries, otherwise known as magic berries, have the ability to alter your perception of sour and bitter tastes.

This article will talk about some of the amazing properties of magic berries, and the miracle berry fruit tablets that you can buy to test out these amazing properties!

Origins and Theory

Miracle Berry Fruit & Tablets

The miracle berry, otherwise known by it's scientific name synsepalum dulcificum, is the fruit of a plant native to West Africa. The berries are not particularly sweet themselves, but they have been used for hundreds of years to change the taste of sour or bitter foods. 

There is a particular protein in the berries known as miraculin. The theory goes that miraculin binds to the taste receptors in the tongue, effectively changing their shape. This change alters how those receptors perceive acids, allowing us to perceive them as sweet instead of sour. Effectively, miracle berries change how you perceive taste.

This binding effect lasts anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes, during which time the fundamental flavors of most foods are altered. The effects of miracle berries will wear off over time.

Both magic berries themselves and the miracle berry fruit tablets contain miraculin, which makes the process work. But more on that in a bit...

The Experience

Magic Berries Fruit & Tablets

Ok, so you've eaten miracle berries, or the miracle berry fruit tablets, now what? A sour piece of fruit such as a lemon or a lime would ordinarily cause your mouth to pucker up. Now, while you should still recognize it's fundamental flavor, it should taste far sweeter than before.

A highly acidic yet still sweet fruit, such as an orange or pineapple, will taste positively heavenly. Many other foods will take on surprising and amazing new flavor characteristics. Miracle berries allow you to experiment with new flavor combinations.

Flavor Tripping

Miracle Berry Fruits and Tablets

The miracle berry and the advent of the magic berry fruit tablets has caused the rise of what are known as flavor tripping parties. Attendees will eat miracle berries, and then try out some common food and drink, such as fruit or beer, noticing how the berries alter the familiar flavors. 

Miracle fruit is also being investigated as a potential alternative for those with diabetes or severe sugar cravings. They allow a diabetic to enjoy sweeter things without the risk. 

It should be mentioned, however, that the acidity of these sour foods will still cause damage to your mouth and teeth. Any experimentation with miracle berries and highly acidic food (like lemons) should be done with caution. 

Where To Get Them

Where To Buy Miracle Fruit

miracle berry fruit tablets

Miracle Berries are legal, and can be ordered online in tablet form. There are many online retailers who sell these things, so I'm not going to bother listing them all right now.

The tablets work exactly the same as the fruit itself, being mostly miraculin and corn starch. You can now try having flavor tripping parties of your own.