In most years, your Summer holiday will be the most expensive thing you buy. Since most people work incredibly hard and want to have just a couple of weeks during which they can totally relax, it’s easy to understand why they would want to make such an investment. Whether you spend two weeks topping up your tan on the beach, or keep things more active with a walking and climbing holiday, you’ll want to keep the memories to look back on, and the ease of digital photo printing makes it easy to do just that.

There are many reasons why people choose to spend a couple of weeks away from home. Often, just the change of scene itself can be revitalising, and the chance to forget about the travails of work and everyday life for a brief period allows you to return home feeling relaxed, refreshed and raring to go again.

For some people, the key to a good holiday is as simple as finding somewhere with guaranteed good weather. After all, the average British summertime tends to be more than a little disappointing and so jetting off to a destination in a place like the Mediterranean, with blue skies, crystal clear waters and endless sunshine provides an easy and reliable solution. Lying on the beach with a favourite paperback, cold drink and supply of sun cream is many people’s idea of heaven, and for a family holiday the presence of clean safe water for the kids to splash around in completes the package.

Others, however, might find the idea of two weeks lazing around topping up their tan absolutely unbearable. For them, a holiday is a chance to get away and try out the kind of activities you just can’t do at home – whether it’s an action packed sports based holiday, a cycling tour of a country like France or a walking and hiking trip through spectacular scenery, they want every day to be crammed with action and exercise.

Even if your budget is limited, and you decide to stay in your own country, the chance to just experience different surroundings for a little while, in the knowledge that you’ve left all of your work stress at home is often just as satisfying as an exotic luxury trip.

Part of every holiday experience is bringing things back home with you. This can often be something as simple as a little trinket bought from a local market, a bottle of the wine you used to enjoy sipping at the end of a relaxing day or a souvenir piece of furniture which takes you back there every time you look at it.

One of the easiest ways to take a trip down memory lane and relive the best moments of your holiday all over again is to take and keep as many photographs as you can. Digital cameras are now so easy to use, and the results so good, that it’s possible to capture virtually every moment of your holiday to enjoy looking back at once your home. Not only that, but digital photo printing is now so much easier than the celluloid equivalent used to be. All that you need is access to a computer, or the type of unit to be found in most supermarkets. A couple of clicks on your computer mouse will allow you to pick and choose your favourites, even altering features such as the cropping or colour balance, and then have as many copies of each as you like printed. Digital imagery, in fact, is so flexible that you can even have your favourite images reproduced as stunning canvas prints, the equal of anything you’d find on the walls of a gallery.