In search engine optimization (SEO), page ranking is very important. If you want to make sure your website gets high search engine rankings, the most important thing to know is that without textual content, a search engine will have no way to evaluate your website in order to rank. With that said, here are some Dos and Don'ts to keep in mind in regards to textual content:

• Don't overuse images or Flash animation with no text. Though they are eye catching to a human, they are nothing to a search engines. If you do use images or animations, just make sure you also have a lot of textual content that a search engine can read.
• Don't overuse of complicated toolbars and menus. A search engine also cannot navigate a toolbar or menu like a human. If you do have complicated toolbars and menus, you should also have a site map.
• Do update regularly. You must constantly add and update your content in order to be evaluated for ranking. If you don't have new content, you will eventually be pushed to the bottom.

A good way to increase your textual content is by creating a blog or a forum where you can put up new content about your business, information about products and services, and news about your industry.

Besides making sure you have plenty of textual content, you will want to make sure your titles and your keywords are very specific to your business, your products or services, and your industry. It is also important that you do not over use your keywords or use them out of context. Search engines are amazingly smart and can tell if your content is out context and having content that is not valid can potentially hurt your ranking.

You will also want to concentrate on linking, something you can have a web design firm in San Diego do for you since this is often a lot of work. A main factor in how a website is ranked is the quality as well as the amount your page is linked. Though how often you are linked plays a large role in ranking, if you are linked from unreliable or questionable websites, your ranking status will be hurt. Therefore, you will want to be careful that you only link from websites that have high ranks themselves.