Every home has a few sinks around the property with the kitchen and bathroom coming in for the greatest amount of use. But there are times when the sink is going to be needed for some serious cleaning, it's going to be dirty and the objects to be cleaned are going to be large and unwieldy. In these cases you are not going to want to do that cleaning in either the kitchen or the bathroom. This is where the laundry sink, more commonly known as the utility sink, is going to prove to be essential. The utility sink differs from other sinks in that it is much deeper making it possible to fill buckets and clean large objects. When other sinks are too small the utility sink is the place to use.

Not all laundries are designed with a great deal of space and, indeed, some are merely added on to the side of an existing room but it should still be possible to include a utility sink somewhere. It is possible to find a very well designed corner utility sink that has been crafted to take up as little room as possible while still providing a maximum amount of sink space.

As you begin to browse through the various utility sinks that are available for sale you will find that the majority are made around 14 inches deep and are available made from a range of hard-wearing materials. They can be bought in a number of different styles from the corner utility sink to the wall-mounted sink and there are also free-standing units too. It should be remembered that utility sinks are the place where the dirtiest of cleaning jobs are going to take place. They will be the types of jobs that are not suitable to be performed in more delicate parts of the house.

This means that it is very possible that harsh chemicals and liquids as well as heavy objects may be placed in the sink with the potential for stains and marks to be applied to the surface. This is why you will find utility sinks are made from the most hard-wearing of materials such as molded stone, stainless steel, cast iron and hardened acrylic to resist the scratches and marks that are going to inevitably be made. The usual size in which utility sinks are available are single or double bowls, however there may be a need for larger utility sinks such as triple basins and there is also a small selection of this size available too.

The laundry is not really a part of the home that is given a great deal of close consideration and the type of sink is probably even less thought of. But you may be surprised exactly how much use your utility sink is going to get and could regret not ensuring that you have one that is capable of withstanding the amount of work that will be required.