Ask yourself the question - What will I want to use the compressor for? Do you want one for blowing up the tyres of your car, inflating swimming pool toys or to use with the pneumatic tools. Where you are going to use a portable air compressor is also a factor, get a sturdier one for going on a building site. The size of the tool is something to consider, how much space do you have to store one. What is the compressor powered by - gasoline engine, DC or AC electric.

Taking Your Portable Air Compressor On Vacation

The more portable compressors are ideal for the home and there the ultra portables that work off the 12 volt power socket in a car that you can throw in the boot or glove box. Put some wind in the tyres if you have to when you are miles from the nearest service station Some compressors will fit on a front bumper bar of an off road vehicle and include a winch, that is for the real enthusiast. When there is no ready supply of electricity, then it is good to have a petrol engine on the compressor.

Four Points To Know About The Portable Air Compressor

  • You can work indoors with the electric compressors as there are no fumes to worry about.
  • Extra silent compressors can be obtained for the airbrush artist.
  • Compressors are really versatile with the large range of tool available to use with them.
  • No trailing an electric cable, just an air hose.

How To Take Care Of The Electric Portable Air Compressor.

  • Get rid of the moisture from the tank by opening the drain valve.
  • With oil-lubricated compressors you have to key an eye on the oil level.
  • Be sure to use the correct voltage, don’t connect a single phase machine to three phase electric.

Portable Air Compressor And Beyond

Portable CompressorFor the jobs that need a higher volume of air it is better to have one with a tank rather than the tankless variety. You will get better airflow when you have a two to six gallon tank and a oil free compressor. For powering a brad or finish nail gun a compressor with a slightly larger is good, you don’t want the compressor struggling to keep up with the air usage.

Using A Spray Gun With A Portable Air Compressor

A HVLP spray gun will require a big air tank on the compressor, to work the best. Could be best to get the special made HVLP compressor for paint spraying work. I have seen one that uses electrostatic charge to get more paint on whatever is being painted.