Maybe your apartment lease is coming to an end? If it is, you will probably need to to make some decisions regarding what you would like to do. Read on to find out what lease options you have and what you can do when your lease is about up. Follow these tips below.

 Just Move Out

 The easiest action will arise if you want to end your lease and move out. You will need to let your apartment manager or leasing agent know that you intend to move. The best way to accomplish this is to provide an official written letter.  Be sure you check your lease contract for the exact amount of days in advance you will need to provide this document. In the majority of communities, this is usually 30 or 60 days. You lease contract should provide you with all the appropriate details.

 Monthly Lease

 Some renters don’t want to move out but don’t want to enter into another lease contract either. A month to month lease may be the solution for you.  This type of lease term allows you to keep renewing your lease every 30 days. Many apartment communities will offer you this options so check with your apartment manager as your lease is coming to an end. Remember that if you do participate in this sort of lease agreement your monthly rental amount will probably increase. 

 This is the price to pay for having the ability to terminate your lease  without haveing to pay a penalty,  This type of lease term is favorable for renters looking to buy a home and need a place to live short term.


 Of course you may like your apartment home and you want to stay for another 12 or 13 months.  The majority of apartment communities will slip a renewal form underneath the door. If you agree with the terms simply sign the card and drop it off in the apartment leasing office.