If you are looking for plumper lips without having to use permanent surgical lip fillers such as hyalauronic acid and collagen. Then why not try some of the new lip plumping glosses that are now in the marketplace. These lip products contain lip swelling ingredients such as menthol and cinnamon which is said to help give you a temporary inflated lip pout.

Sometimes application of lip make up can get a little messy and end up in places that it shouldn't such as your teeth. A good way to help fix this problem, is after you have applied your product place your fore finger into your mouth then all you do next is slowly remove your finger hopefully pulling out all the excess lip product that has ended up on your teeth.

Most people who are looking for plumper lips will usually outline the full lips to make there lips appear much bigger. But sometimes this can look unnatural and look like you have overdone it. A good way to make it look more natural whilst still adding a bit of thickness to your lip is like this. First apply a natural shade colored lip pencil to the cupids bow, then to the corners of the lips and finally to the center of the bottom lips. This is going to help give your lips more shape which will also give them a much fuller appearance.

An excellent tip for getting lip make up application which is going to look flawless is with the use of the specially designed lip brushes that are in the marketplace at the moment. These brushes are fantastic are ensuring that you do not put on too much product that is going to make you look silly and overdone. Keep blotting the lips after each application to build up the color that you are looking for.

If your lips are feeling a little dry, don't be tempted to lick your lips because this is only going to make them dryer. The best way to tackle dry cracked and chapped lips is by re-hydrating your body with water and using a good quality lip moisturizer of balm. This is going to quickly restore the lips hydration and plumpness helping them to look great again.