Fresh, natural, shining beauty is a great way to go. It looks healthy and wonderful for any season, but especially for summer months. Additionally the time it takes to put the look together isminimal making it great for busy schedules and people on the go. With a few simple steps you can be looking your radiant best!

Healthy skin starts with a healthy you. Therefore to look your best with healthy and happy skin it is a good idea to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This should include a well balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of water each and every day (at least eight to ten glasses), and regular exercise. Living a healthy lifestyle has a lot of great benefits, great looking skin is only one of them.

Daily Skin Care Regimen.
In addition to a healthy lifestyle a daily skin care regimen is a must. Each morning you should use a cleanser that meets your needs based on your skin type. This doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune, but it does mean you need to make a habit of keeping your skin clean. It is a good idea to use a toner next. This will help rinse off left over cleanser, tighten your pores, and keep your skin fresh. Finally you will want to moisturize. Even if you have oily skin you need to do this important step to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. If you don't moisturize then your body will try and compensate by producing more oil which can cause breakouts. So, find a good, light moisturizer and use it often. Each evening you should thoroughly wash your make up off and once again moisturize.

The Foundation.
Before you can get a great look you need a good foundation to start with. Which foundation is best for you will depend on your skin type and the problems you have to deal with. In order to get a fresh look and still have foundation it is best to go with light to medium coverage rather then heavy coverage. Here are some suggestions for different skin types and problems:

  • Skin that doesn't have a lot of blemishes and is fairly even in color- This is great skin to have. It is easy to create a fresh and healthy look as well. You don't need a heavy make up to get the job done. Instead use a tinted moisturizer. It will give you a little color and help to even out any slight color variations that you may have. If you have good skin color and it isn't prone to breakouts but it is a little oily then use your tinted moisturizer and then finish your foundation with a loose powder for a more matte finish.
  • Light blemishes and or some skin color variations- If your skin is slightly problematic then you can choose between a tinted moisturizer topped with loose powder for a light and fresh coverage that has a little more impact then just the moisturizer or you can go with a cream or mousse foundation. These offer slightly heavier coverage without getting real heavy or giving you a "made up" look. Mineral make up can also give a great finish, however it can look pasty if it gets moist. This makes it a less appealing choice for really warm locations, if you are prone to sweating, or if you will be getting wet for some other reason.
  • Problem skin- If you have breakouts often and or major coloration issues then you are going to need something heavier to get the job done. Carefully choose a liquid foundation that matches your skin tones. Apply this with a sponge from the outside working your way inward and using circular motions. Go as light as you can and carefully blend it (make sure that you blend it beyond the face and into the neck to avoid make up lines along the jaw bone). Top this with a light powder for a fresh finish. Use both as light as possible to get the job done.
Always apply your foundation as light as you can while getting the job done. Carefully blend it into your skin making sure you get it all the way to your hair line and that you blend it into your neck to avoid make up lines. It is also important that you get it all the way up to your lash line and add a little to your eye lids as well. A good foundation is a great place to start, but you want it to be a light one.

If you have a lot of problem areas or blemishes you wish to hide then using your concealer after your foundation is the way to go. Choose something that is easy to apply and make sure it matches your skin tone. Add just a little to the area that needs a little extra help and then blend it in with your foundation. Make sure that you aren't using this in a lot of areas. If you need a heavier coverage then your foundation is providing you either need to add an additional layer of foundation (best with cream or mousse foundations) or you need to use a heavier foundation.

Blush and Bronzers.
For fresh looks blush and bronzers can be a great way to go. Choose blushes that are close to your natural color but have just a little extra color. Shades such as pinks and peaches can work well, but be careful not to go too dark. With abronzer , choose a color that will add definition and color, but won't look dark or "added on". Natural looks are definitely the way to go. Use a large brush to apply a little blush orbronzer of your choice to the apples of your cheeks. Then sweep it across your nose, chin, and forehead for just a little added color. Finish by adding the same color to the lids of your eyes for a fresh natural look.

Daytime looks are best achieved without doing much for the eyes. It is a good idea to add the sweep of blush or bronzer and then finishing with a little mascara. If you are going out at night though you might want to add a little more drama. Going withneutral colors will let you continue with the fresh and natural look. Choose a dark brown to go along the lash line and smudge it into the brow bone. Finish by sweeping a light to medium brown or tan across the entire lid to the brow. Blend well. If you need more drama then that start with a brown eye liner. If you want to leave behind the fresh and natural look for night time outings, then choose colors that match your eyes, your clothing, or your personality.

Have fun with your lips. Whether you are a fan of glosses or rich and bold lipsticks, choose one that looks good with your skin tone and apply it before leaving the house in the morning. Don't forget to carry it in your purse so that you can touch it up all throughout the day. Pick light and glossy colors for the freshest looks possible.

Your make up routine can take ten minutes and have you looking fabulous. Just take the time to pick out a good batch of make up for a fresh and natural look. Have it organized in a way that makes it easy to apply and practice getting it on quickly. You can look your best, fresh, and natural in just a few minutes each morning.