Long flights can be some of the most boring time you will ever spend. The in flight movie is usually not that good and going outside for a smoke is not really an option. You have your laptop with you and the battery is low but the external laptop battery you bought before the trip is fully charged and you are just fine.

Whether it is working on that presentation you have to give or just watching a better movie than the one offered, the external laptop battery gives you the option of doing both. No fear of losing data when then computer battery dies or seeing the end of one of your favorite movies, you can fly with peace of mind. With multiple adapters available with most of the batteries, you are sure to find one that fits your particular laptop.

If music is something you enjoy while flying, the external laptop battery not only runs your laptop, but will also power your MP3 player at the same time. These batteries come with a spare USB port built right in just for this. Having one or two of these with you on long trips will insure uninterrupted time on your computer.

Computer games will help you pass the time on these long flights, these batteries let you play for hours without any problems. If you have children with you, they can get fidgety. With a copy of some of their favorite movies and headphones, you and the other passengers are assured of a peaceful flight.

Then there is work, no one likes it but we all have to do it. The worst thing in the world is to have spent three hours typing up a proposal only to have the battery die before you can hit save. With an external laptop battery, you can rest easy.

Long flights equal plenty of downtime to fill and your laptop becomes your best friend at this point. Treat it well and it will return the favor. There is no such thing as too much power.