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Have you ever wished that your bathroom window is located away from busy streets or is more secluded? You may also have a window that is facing unsightly view such as rubbish collection center. According to some survey carried out, many home owners have at least one window that they are not very happy about.

To many home owners, blocking off unwanted view means a replacement of their window glass with some other type of glass. Frosted glass windows are popular to be used to obscure view. Total replacement of glass is not the only way available if you want to make your window more opaque. You may try etching your own window with etching cream that may be purchased from DIY store. Window etching is not a straight-forward process and is best left to professionals to do it.

Actually, you have a much simpler solution than those mentioned above. It is to use opaque glass window film. Many years ago, these types of films does not look real and its stick-on effect is easily noticeable but now you can hardly tell if a window has a glass film adhered to it.

Window films are now designed to be without adhesive. This type of films is very convenient as you can avoid the mess of having glue and they will adhere to glass through static action. Removing the window film is also easy as you can do it by yourself without the need to get builders to do it for you. To remove it, you just need to peel it off. After removing it, you may use it on other areas or just keep it in your attic for future usage.

There are many different designs that you may choose from in the market with additional designs added to its range every few months. Most of the times, home owners will just use window film with frosted effect to add privacy. Even though views are obscured with privacy window films, light can still shines through, hence, there is no need to turn on additional lights.

They also exists other more creative designs for owners who want more than frosted effect for their glasses. There are many types of designs that you may choose from. Window glass film with stained glass effect works well if alternated on a six or nine-pane window. Some owners will just install them on the centre of the glass as a centrepiece and keep the edges clear. Additonal decorative films can then be added on the clear glass portion or it may serve as a look-out.

Opaque glass film works well in the shower enclosure as it can withstand moisture and heat. Window films may be purchased through online store or from some DIY mall. Get them from merchandiser that can provide you with a minimum of three years warrantee. Some even offer five years warrantee, but they usually comes at a more expensive price.