Deciding on a catchy headline for your articles is a very important part of the writing process. Think a about it. When you are scanning bookshelves, TV program listings or magazines, what makes you zero in on a any particular title? Something intriguing, tantalising, weird or shocking even. But the main point is, it caught your attention enough to demand you read it.

This is what you have to do if you are to bring readers to your work. You need to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to yourself. You won't do that with a boring title. The title of this particular article as you can see contains words that are designed to attract attention and also a keyword that is searched for a few hundred times a month. Searching for keywords appropriate to your article content is another vital part of the process of getting you work in front of people.

Here is an example of how to do this. You write a brilliant and informative article about training a dog and call it, "Teach Your Family Pet To Obey Your Commands". You may just as well name your article ' Smack Your Kids About The Head With A Newspaper' for all the good it will do. The title does not contain any kind of keyword referring to dog training, it doesn't even mention dog. While it does infer teaching an animal to obey it doesn't tell the reader it is about dog training.

In an attempt to gain attention newspaper headlines don't go for the mundane. You will never see a paper headline mumbling 'Bit Of A Fire In Town'. Instead you will almost burn your fingertips as it screams, ' Inferno Ravages Town Centre Store'. Okay, so your article about combating greenfly on roses is not quite so earth-shattering it calls for a title that will make your readers skip a heartbeat. ( If you can do that about a gardening article you must be one hell of a writer!) It doesn't mean you have to be boring in choosing titles for your work either.

If you struggle to think up an interesting or a catchy headline for your piece there are many things you can do that will help. Try searching for your topic online and see what kind of headlines and titles others are using. There is no copyright on titles so you can heavily borrow but try do even better. While it is fine to be provocative you must be truthful and that title you create must reflect the content in the body of your work or your reader will feel cheated or your material could be rejected when submitted for being inaccurate.

Incorporating numbers and certain advantages into titles has proved to be good for getting attention because people love tips, short cuts and easy ways to achieve something. For some reason odd numbers appear to work best so some examples of this approach would be :

Three Super Easy Tips To Lose 10lbs In 14 Days

3 Fast Ways To.......... While You Sleep

People love to think they are getting something forbidden or sneaky so good examples are:

My Super Sneaky Way To Getting...

The Hidden Way To...

Underground Tactics Of...

Amazing Secret of...

You get the idea, it is a question of using your imagination to firstly make your headline or article title jump off the page at people. The next purpose is to arouse curiosity or intrigue in a way that compels them wish to read something that sounds deliciously naughty, exciting or brilliantly informative. As a writer it is your duty to inform and entertain your reader in such a way they feel almost as satisfied as a diner after a superb meal. Satisfy the hunger in your reader and they will want to come back for seconds and thirds!