We all have to pay for our broadband Internet connections. Some of us pay more than others, depending where we live. Even if you have your broadband connection as part of a phone and TV package the cost is still significant.

In the UK a fast broadband Internet connection costs around £50 a month. In Ireland I pay €60 a month for a very slow and unreliable satellite broadband connection. At those prices you have to make your connection pay for itself.

Work from Home

If you can persuade your current employer to allow you to do your work from home then you can save fuel and wear and tear on your car from the daily commute to your office. You get to save money and your health improves because you have less stress. If your health is better then you will have fewer days off and your employer will not need to cover your absence by employing temporary agency staff, who can never do everything that you do any way. Bad weather will never stop you doing your work and your employer’s electricity bill will fall as one less computer is used in the office.

Working from home really is a win-win situation. Even meetings can be video linked at no cost using Google hangouts. The only downside is that it reduces day-to-day interaction between employees.

There are costs and savings with any work from home job. You will have the extra electricity and heating necessitated by your being at home all day, but there are the savings on transport and lunches from not having to go in to work every day.

Work Online

You would be working online for your current employer but working online is normally taken as some kind of freelance work, often writing.

If your employer is not happy about you working from home then it might be time to start working for yourself. You can start by working in the evenings and at weekends while you learn the ropes and gradually build up your income. Once you have a regular income equal to your regular job you can hand in your notice.

Writing from Home

There are many ways to earn your living by writing.

All you need is a computer of any description and a broadband connection. Mobile broadband offers you the ability to browse the Internet at the pub or in the park, but it is better to use your time away from home for relaxation and to save your money.

You need to build your reputation and contacts online before you start to think about building your income. This is what you should concentrate on while you still have the day job. Help other people and they will help you, including offering you paying writing work.

I have proven this time and again in my own online writing. The InfoBarrel forum is the best place for any new writer to start off because people are so positive and helpful in their attitudes to newbies. You earn money on InfoBarrel by writing articles and the site gives you a share of the advertising income that your articles bring in. My contacts at InfoBarrel have boosted my knowledge as well as my income, but this only happened after a few months and I had established a good reputation on the site.

EBooks are another option that an increasing number of writers are taking up. Selling through Amazon’s Kindle for Publishers program is very simple and has no upfront costs for the writer. All you need is unique knowledge that other people will find valuable and pay for.

Editing is another option open to any native English speaker. There are millions of websites written in poor English that you could offer to improve for a fee. These site-owners have already paid for their sites, so they have money to spend, you just need to show them how you can improve their web-copy and search engine rankings.