It is nice for pet dogs to have their own sleeping area. A dog's bed can be as plain and simple, or as fancy, as you want. One thing though is it needs to be safe.

When you decide that, your dog needs its own bed check out what is available to buy. Some are expensive but not all are. One of the best types of bed is the hard plastic, oval type, which has a raised back. You simply place a soft cushion or pillow in this bed and the raised back prevents your dog feeling any draughts.

Of course, it does depend on where your dog's bed is to be placed in your home. If it is right next a radiator that throws out heat day and night the dog will be nice and warm. Perhaps a little too warm.

If your dog sleeps outdoors in a kennel or the like, the bed may need to incorporate some extra bedding. Remember though that a dog's coat is designed to keep it warm and protected from the elements.

So having considered the location of the bed what about your dog?

Is your dog full grown, or still growing constantly, does it chew or still foul indoors and is your dog tiny or huge. Think about these and other issues, as they will help you decide on the best materials for your dog's bed.

If your dog is only a tiny puppy, and you buy a small bed, the dog will out grow it in no time at all. Plan ahead in order to accommodate your dog through its growing stage.


On the whole, all a dog needs is, a little space of its own where it can get some peace and quiet and a little comfort, keep warm and claim it as its own territory.

Especially after surgery a dog needs its own space. However even on an everyday basis, a dog needs a bed. If you have visitors or simply want to stay up late a dog will often take itself of to its bed when it is time.

Check out your linen cupboards to see what is available to make a bed floor your dog. Old duvets, pillows, pillowcases, cushions and blankets are ideal. Most of us have some old bedding, which is no longer used.

Make sure that these items have nothing potentially dangerous about them though. If your dog chews you want to know that, there is no material, which could harm it.

Place an old pillow or cushion on the floor in an appropriate place and roll an old blanket to form a wall around the back of this makeshift bed. That will stop the dog feeling any draughts. Although it is nice to cover your dog with a small blanket this is not usually necessary. The main thing is to have an appropriate soft surface for the dog to rest upon.