Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve - W. Clement Stone

What is a Vision Board

Vision board, dream board, or goals board, whatever you might call them, they are the most effective goal setting tools that are available on the internet to allow you to create online visions and dreams that you have in your life.

My friends father put a vision board with all the things he wanted in life - cars, money, home, deep and passionate romantic relationship, and happiness. After five years, he found himself ending up in the exact home he had in his vision board. That is the power that can unleash from vision board.

Vision boards were a framed poster, where I would cut pictures of cars, house, dream girl, money in the bank and put them on it. However, there are online tools available which allows you to choose from wide range of creative goal setting tools and pictures and create your own personal vision board.

Why Vision Boards

Study shows that only 3 percent of people write clear and concise goals to achieve. The remaining population only carry their dreams and ambitions in their head.

When you write your goals, dreams, and ambitions, you make it tangible. You can see it, and touch it. Once you have written your goals, it is easy for you to focus on it because it's the most important thing in your life that would bring happiness, abundance, and prosperity in your life.

If you have a vision board, you have a map that guides you to your destination. You won't get lost.

Online Tools

The most important is that you can install the software on your PC and create wallpapers and screen savers to see them daily. The more you repeat looking at the vision board, the more concrete you make it in your brain, and what you think is what you materialize.

Vision Board Mastering system is a goal setting tools. Goal setting is important to achieve them. In a study, only 3 percent of the population write their goals down.

Vision board mastering system allows you to create your own vision board from it's pool of thousands of pictures. Make the vision board personal by including your own pictures.

It also allows you to do number of things such as, create vision of what you would like to be, have, and become in life. You either choose to put your own pictures, or select the pictures available. In addition, write clear goals, short and long term, in an efficient way.

Moreover, there is an another online tool, Life Mastering, that includes vision board along with other goal setting and life mastering resources.