painted cottage furnitureA typical homely appeal is what you get when you opt for beautifully painted pinewood furniture with a natural stain surface finish. No matter which room you choose to decorate with these exquisite pieces of furnishing, cottage furniture has all that it takes to make your house a comfortable haven to live in.


There are enormous types of cottage style furniture available from various parts of the world, England, Dutch, American and French to name a few popular types. Painted chests, embroidered bookcases and dining tables with print themed bases add a style statement that immediately makes your décor stand out from the rest.

Painted Cottage Furniture in Light Pastel Shades

Think of a rustic cottage style décor, the image that first sets in would be that of shimmering white flowers inside a picket fence, rose drapes, and floral printed cushions. In case you desire a vintage cottage appeal, it is recommended to go in for drapes and window blinds in hosiery available in multi colored hues, hutches made of ebony or a rosewood mantle, pinewood tables with colored table covers and beautiful Gothic designs that adorn your sofa spreads.

Exciting and Bold Themes

The idea of a subtle cottage design is fast loosing its classic appeal with modern prints and sleek, sophisticated designs making their way into the cottage theme. It would come across as a whiff of fresh air to find bold themes like navy blue and bright red making their way into the house. In case you are a connoisseur of model makes, you can add a ship, an airplane or an old antique vehicle to complete the unusual lively look.

A great fireplace with Scandinavian designs would give your drawing room the class required to generate an effective first impression. Thus, a lot of options are available and the customer is spoilt for choices when it comes to redecorating your house in typical cottage designed furniture.

Affordable Beach Cottage Furniture

Cottage furniture is something we always talk about. There are a whole scope of themes that come this one idea. One of them is suited to your beach house, which has a certain charm about it.

This type of furniture has really risen in popularity, especially in certain areas, close to the beach and in coastal spots. You can find a large range of materials, fabrics and furniture to decorate your home, but it may also be a good idea to improvise and get some inspiration, which will in the end save you some pennies.

white cottage furniture

Materials in cool colors of white, blue, green and brown with their various shades can be found in inexpensive material shops. Tan walls are popular amongst a theme like this. Most of all, furniture should be comfortable. Of course on the whole you would be decorating a beach house with this type of decor so it should be somewhere you could relax.

You don't want to come back from the beach to a formal lounge. Focus on co-ordination as well. The walls should match the furniture.When thinking of the quality of the furniture focus on easy to care for fabric that you know will last. Of course, because you are situated close to the beach you will have to look for something practical. An expensive cream carpet is not going to last long with sand and surf being brought in everyday.

The key to beach cottage furniture is simplicity so you don't want to do anything over the top. Stripes can be chosen but don't go overboard with them so that it becomes too busy. By using thatched rugs on the floor you will compliment the decor so this is another idea you can use. The use of plants are something that should be used as well. Exotic palm trees will go well with this style of decor.

cottage furniture

As summer approaches, many people dream of soaking up the sun and lounging around at the beach. While summer beach vacations usually revolve around the sun, sand and surf, it is still important to create a comfortable environment indoors. Whether it is a ten-room house or a for-rent cottage, the way a home at the beach looks can influence the overall vacation experience. The best way to start a beach house decorating project is to take cues from colors, textures and resources found outside.

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How about Classical Unpainted Furniture?

Mission style furnishings or unpainted furniture is one of the most attractive home additions these days. Gustav Stickley is a respected craftsman of his time because he produced undoubtedly stylish pieces of this furniture.

Although there was a time in the past when his styles were labeled as outdated, they are now worth thousands of dollars in the market nowadays. He and his colleagues got bored of the ornate furnishing during the Victorian era. This is the reason why they took the time to come up with designs that exhibited the skill and talent of real craftsmanship.

The main characteristic of unpainted furniture is simplicity. During the yesteryears, craftsmen made use of American oak and Cherry to produce such functional pieces. These furnishings were very popular because they were inexpensive and durable. In fact, these are the same reasons why they are sought after by many homeowners of today. They were even dubbed as family heirlooms as one can pass them down from generation to generation.

One technique that craftsmen used to make the furnishings more appealing is dying. They utilized the chemical ammonia especially on pieces made from American oak. The darker shade made the furniture look more mystical and elegant. Up until this very day, there are several types of unpainted furniture that we can choose from. The option ranges from dining tables to jewelry boxes. They even come in sets that are perfect to use as cottage furniture.

The flat legs and linear lines of the mission style furnishings make them stand out from the others. They are also easy to mix and match with other types of furniture. Some of the best selling pieces of all time include the four poster bed and the wooden table adorned with cabriolet legs.

Although unpainted furniture may seem too simple and plain, there are many ways that we can do to make them look more ‘pizazzy’.  For one, we can stain them with a rustic or deep tone to give them a more romantic feel and look. And since this type of furniture is not heavy on the pocket, we can purchase more functional pieces with our budget.