A marriage is perhaps the most beautiful of all celebrations of human bonding. For centuries, marriage is considered is a sacred celebration of love which connects two people in matrimony for eternity. This holy celebration of love may not be as holy any more but still for anyone his/her marriage is the most special day of their lives.

In today's world where divorces rates are increasing and live in relationships are increasing, it might appear as if the concept of marriage is becoming less special, but that is so not true. There are millions of couples out there in the world who want to be bound with their lovers in this holy matrimony. These couples are happily ready to take their vows and live with their partners happily ever after. For these couples, their wedding day is perhaps the most special and beautiful day of their lives. To make their marriages special these couples do everything they can to make their wedding day memorable and special for the rest of their lives.

A wedding band or a wedding ring is a crucial part of any marriage. It symbolizes the matrimony of the loving couple and their love. Therefore choosing the right kind of wedding band for their wedding is quite a crucial decision that a couple has to take. A wedding band is worn in the forth finger to represent the connection of ring directly with the heart. In past and in the present even a beautiful wedding ring to represent the love of the marrying couple is considered as very crucial.

For a perfect wedding band some people choose gold, some go for platinum, some chose diamonds and other fancy stones, some go for plain and simple bands some while choose highly intricate and well designed rings; some choose small rings while some choose large. And then there are people who choose wedding ring tattoos! That's right instead of buying rings that they can take off they imprint their band on their fingers permanently.

The concept of getting wedding ring tattoos is becoming really popular today. It completely represents the whole concept of wedding bands being the permanent symbol of marriage. Also wedding ring tattoos can be more versatile and different as compared to traditional wedding rings. They allow the couple to explore more designs and gives infinite options for the couple. These wedding band tattoos also allow the couple's wedding band to be more special and represent the story of the couple.

If you are one of those couples who have decided to get wedding tattoos instead of rings then there are plenty of designs that you can go for. In fact the options are so much that they might end up confusing you. And that confusion is what puts off many couples from the idea of getting wedding band tattoos. Although having too many options can be a little intimidating, if you and your partner decide exactly what you want then it can be fun.

To choose a perfect wedding ring tattoo design you first need to find out what exactly defines the story of your relationship or completely defines you as a couple. A wedding band tattoo can be as simple as printing the initials of your partners name or can be a fancy design which wraps across the ring area of the finger. Some couples choose symbols that define them.

These symbols can be any animal or a bird or anything which they think suits them even something as common as a love heart. Many people choose similar wedding bands while some go for different designs to represent their second halves. Some people make half a symbol on their fingers with the second half of that symbol imprinted on their partner's finger. You see, options are many; all you have to do is first decide that what is exactly that you want.

If you don't want initials or any symbols and want a pattern then first decide that if both of you want the same design or different. Also determine beforehand whether you want a simple design or an intricate complex design. You want a colorful design or a mono color design. Also decide first that you want an abstract design with a meaning or anything you find pretty.

Many couples make their own designs but for those of you who can't make your own designs there are plenty of options to choose from the internet. There are numerous websites available on the internet which will offer you many wedding ring tattoo designs which you can either exactly copy or extract an idea from. The best option is that you go to "infinite tattoo" which is a database of hundreds of different designs. You can go through these designs and then decide whether you want designs exactly like those or can put some variations of your own as well. You can also mix match different ideas and design to make a design of your own. Options are many; remember it's just like shopping for clothes so don't get overwhelmed by too many options. Keep in mind your love story and your lives together.

Keep reminding of yourself as to how you and your partner are as a couple, what your rituals are, what are your communication symbols, your likes and dislikes etc. Always choose a design which matches your life with your partner.

Once you have chosen a design and have decided what you want for your wedding ring tattoo you can get a print of that tattoo and take it to your tattoo maker. If you have chosen a design and want to make slight changes to it you can even Photoshop the design. You can also mix match various designs on Photoshop, get the final result printed and then take it to the tattoo maker.

Wedding ring tattoos are an excellent way of imprinting the symbol of you love, marriage and togetherness forever. This constant reminder will always remind you of your love story. Unlike the wedding rings that can be taken off easily, wedding ring tattoos are the real deal. They stick with you forever. If going through a tough time these tattooed symbols of your love will keep on reminding of all the good times to make it through the bad times. They will make your love special forever.