The orchids are cultivated for the spectacular beauty of their flowers. They are a symbol of love.

If you are planning to buy an orchid, you should know they are very fragile and difficult to maintain. I knew nothing about this flower when I got it as a birthday present. I only knew I was not very good with growing plants so I started reading a lot about it.

white orchid

There are over 30,000 different plants of orchids and they all have special needs, but here are few important things to keep in mind for all of them:

The orchids enjoy as much light as possible, but not direct sunlight. The color of the leaves might help you understand its needs. If the leaves are dark green, then they probably need more light.

During the warm season, they should be watered from 2 to 4 times a week. During the cold season this should be reduced to once a week.
Always use room temperature water. From time to time, soak your orchid in a container. This will help its roots to absorb water too.

The ideal temperature for most of them is between 65°- 75°F, however, they require a temperature drop at night. Cold temperatures can cause the leaves to shed.

The orchid needs humidity. In order to increase it, you can spray the leaves with purified water. Having a good air circulation is also very important for the health of your orchid.

If you want your orchid to bloom again, you will need to fertilize it. Just add few drops of the fertilizer to the water, every time you water it.

If you see the flowers are fading, that doesn't mean that your orchid is dying. Some orchids will bloom for only a week while The others can bloom up to three months. The most difficult part will be waiting for them to bloom again. Be patient and nice to them and they will give you the greatest gift of all.