If you feel that purchasing a CD Storage Cabinet may be a little too expensive, then why not make your own, this article will touch on how you can make a CD Storage Cabinet. You can vary the measurements to the plywood to fit your own personal space. You will need a least 10 Pieces of plywood for this job.

OK Lay down a piece of plywood.... draw a rectangle shape into your plywood measuring 6 by 14 inches, once you have done this , make in identical piece so you have Two. Now make another 6 pieces measuring 6 by 12 inches for the shelves and sides, and lastly cut out the last 2 pieces for the back and front measuring 41 by 13 inches. Once you have marked and cut all the plywood to the required measurements, grab a little sandpaper and smooth the edges. Lay down the two side pieces.... On one side of both pieces, measure 1/2 inches in from one end then proceed to draw a straight line across the top of the board. Then Measure 5 1/2 inches from the previous line and mark out another line across the plywood.

Now from the line you just marked, add another 1/2inch space and draw another line. Measure 5 1/2 inches and draw a line. Duplicate this process for each piece, but be sure to change the 5 1/2-inch gap to 8 inches on the remaining space. Repeat the process for the second side board. Now Turn over one piece on it's side. Grab one of the six shelving plywood pieces and line it to that side making sure it is perpendicular to that previous side piece you have laid down. Now you will need to carefully Line it up to one of the half-inch gaps you marked down in the previous step. Place a leveler on top of those two pieces and carefully hammer nails through the side piece to connect the two. Check the leveler frequently to ensure a even connection. Repeat this process with the other five pieces as well as the five, half-inch gaps.

Place your second side plywood panel up..and line it up, being sure that the ends of the shelves, the top and bottom match the 1/2inch spaces. Now you can attach the side panel to each shelving end, making sure you use the leveler to be sure of a even and straight finish. Repeat the process for the other side panel. Lay the back panel down on your storage cabinet, Attach the back panel to your storage unit by carefully nailing the two together, so they reach and secure the side pieces. Turn the storage cabinet right side up.... at this stage you can decide weather to put in the 8-inch shelves for your DVD s or the 5 1/2-inch shelves for all those CD's.

Now you can install the door hinges, be sure to check the placement of each hinge to be sure that the hinges do not interfere with the CD or DVD shelves. Install the hinges on the inside of the cabinet. Using a screwdriver and two or four small quarter-inch screws for each hinge, or as required. Place another two hinges on the door, hold the door up to the cabinets side and use the screwdriver to place in the final screws to the hinges of your New CD Storage Cabinet