Concrete Bird Baths

You can make your own concrete bird bath if you want to get the great quality look of a concrete bird bath while saving money on th project. Concrete bird baths offer a heavy, permanent look and add hardscape structure to your garden that will look great among a group of landscape plantings.

Why Concrete?

There is a reason that concrete bird baths are among those you can make at home. Concrete is easy to find at any hardware or home improvement store and it is easy to mix, use, and set. For the average home gardener this is a fairly simple project.

Concrete will also stand the test of time. Unlike metal or cast iron bird baths that will eventually rust, concrete will remain the same for years. It is not too expensive, either.

Your Own Design

If you are feeling creative you can make up your own design. The easiest way to do this is to find a really big bowl of any big item where the center is lower than the outside. One plan idea is to add cement between a very large bowl, like a plastic bowl, and a smaller bowl. The concrete will set between these two bowls until it is hard enough for you to remove them. To make this easier you can add plastic where there is contact with the concrete.

You can even make a concrete bird bath in a sandbox. It's simple. All you need to do is mak the bowl shape in the sand, not too deep, smooth it out, and pour a layer of cement into the sand. When the cement is setting make the inner bowl carefully. Then, just let it cure for a few days and pick it up to set it in the garden.

You can add some fun design options while the cement is still setting. For example, you could embed colorful rocks into the concrete or even decorative glass or tile. You may also choose to color the concrete while you are mixing to get just the perfect color.

When completed with a project like this you simply need to make a base to set the bowl on. You could use a commercial base, make one of wood, or set the bowl on three large boulders.

Bird Bath Concrete Moulds

If you want a more polished look you will want a concrete bird bath mould. These are found in stores like big box home stores or from specialty suppliers.

With moulds you will find a nice variety of design options for both the base and the bath. They normally come in a plastic form and, like most moulds, you simply pour the correct amount of concrete into the mould, wait for it to set, and remove the mould to show your new bird bath.

Like the homemade designs, you can add color to the cement if you like while you mix it.

If you have looked for a quality concrete bird bath and just can't find what you are looking for, a mould and a little elbow grease might be just right for you.

Where to Put Your Bird Bath

When the new concrete bird bath is ready to go, you should take care to place it in the right spot.

Birds don't like to bathe in places that are too exposed. They prefer a bird bath located near some cover. A tall shrub or nearby tree will suffice. Bird really like to move to and from the bird bath to a nearby branch for security.

Another amenity that birds will appreciate is a bird feeder. Not only will this make your yard both a food and water stop, it will offer another perch for the birds.

If you can mix a little concrete and want to have a bird bath that unique, make your own concrete bird bath and get exactly what you want.