Make your own discount Christmas stationary and you'll enjoy an endless variety of writing papers for just a fraction of the cost if you had purchased them new.

Things You Will Need

Wrapping paper


pen for writing a letter

Step 1

many different wrapping papers Collect a variety of wrapping paper. You can purchase new wrapping paper, if you feel you must, but it's perfectly fine to use paper that was used before, as long as it was removed carefully and has been smoothed out. For especially wrinkled pieces, you might want iron them. It is fine to iron wrapping paper, just use low heat and iron on the back side. Never leave iron unattended.

Step 2

cutting a piece of wrapping paper Cut the piece of wrapping paper into a piece the size for the stationary you are making. For a small envelope, use a small piece. For larger envelopes, you can use a piece of regular copy paper for a measuring tool, or you can just cut whatever size you prefer.

Step 3

Stationary Variety Pack Cut out as many pieces of stationary as you need. You can cut them one by one, as needed, or spend a few minutes and cut out several in one session, so you can have them available as needed. Be sure to test your size, to be sure it will fit in the envelope you want. Use a regular pen to write on the back side of the wrapping paper. Making your own discount Christmas stationary is fun and satisfying, reduces waste, and saves you money! You might want to use your discount Christmas stationary with an envelope you make yourself, too. Here's where you can learn how to make your own envelope.

Tips & Warnings