There's plenty of information out there about the benefits of having a goal setting worksheet. There may be some examples of a thorough worksheet that you can download online. The reality is, however, that most worksheets need to be as individualized as the goal setter themselves. While there is nothing wrong with using another person's template, it may not be adequately support the goals you have set for yourself. If that is the case, you may need to establish a tracking system that works for you and your unique goals.

Most goals are set within a specific time frame. Some short-term goals can have a duration time of anywhere from day to a week, or – in some cases – a couple weeks. Short-term goals may be a goal that suits a one time purpose, or they could all be part of one larger long-term purpose. Long-term goals are goals that you set for yourself that are to be completed at some point in the future. Some people set goals on what they would like to have accomplished by a certain age.

However your short-term and long-term goals relate, your goal setting worksheet is going to have to be set up to allow for proper gauging of your success. Many people decide to dedicate a notebook to serve the purpose as a goal setting journal.

The more clear you are about your goals and what it takes to achieve them, the more likely you are to succeed. Tracking your goals is not only a wise investment of time to help keep you on track, constantly analyzing your goals will make sure that you keep setting them. One of the most life destructive energies to goal setting is a loss of motivation. It's very easy to get caught up in a daily rat race trying to stay afloat. In trying to keep up with life as life is happening, we lose sight of our vision and purpose.

By creating your own customized worksheet for your goals, you are helping to insure that you will be less likely to be taken off course by life's little surprises. Set backs are okay, but they are not a reason to give up. If you find that there are goals you are not able to accomplish because of influencing factors out of your control, you may need to create another set of goals to help provide a platform of success.

The more attention you give to your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. Even when times are tough, and you feel like you are not doing any of what you thought you might; you can look to your recorded progress to remind yourself how much you have actually accomplished. Remember, too, that not successfully accomplishing a goal does not necessarily equate to failure. There can be a hundred and one reasons why you were unsuccessful in your mission. Understanding what went wrong can help you see to it that different results are realized.

A goal setting worksheet will help you keep track of your accomplishments and set backs; as well as help you identify areas that require improvement.