Creating Your Own Makeup Line

Making your own makeup line is rewarding and a goal of many entrepeueners. It can be a glamourous and lucrative field. Even though there are thousands of makeup and cosmetic products sold in stores worldwide, there are still business opportunities available in the $160 Billion cosmetic market.  Although it takes a real desire to bring those dreams to fruition, it also takes a manufacturing company to create your own makeup line the way you want.

Now more than ever, consumers tend to always be on the look out for something better, they search for specialized makeup products with unique features, especially ones that produce great results, or contain healthy, organic, beneficial ingredients. Entrepeueners can succeed in this highly competitive market as long as they “think out of the box” and offer something new, fresh or interesting, then follow through with marketing. You can create a remarkable product, but if no one knows or hears about it, you can’t sell it. A solid marketing plan should be in place as well.

These days you can easily make your own makeup line, packaged professionally, labeled and you can do this in the luxury of your home. One way is buying direct from a manufacturer and adding your own label to the product, this is called private labeling. Many companies do this, even the big corporations.  The profits can be huge and you have more freedom to create the products you want.

Successful Story of a Global Makeup Company

MAC cosmetics started their makeup business in Canada from their kitchen with homemade makeup. Founders Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo started MAC in 1984. They both were involved in fashion photography and wanted a product that was more durable and can handle the demands of photo shoots. MAC Cosmetics has grown to be one of the most popular and influential cosmetics companies in the world. The line eventually grew to color palettes for every possible color, well over 160 shades of lipstick and 150 shades of eye shadow. M.A.C. has propelled to incredible success since it’s founding in 1985. Even with their marketing strategy based solely on word-of-mouth, MAC has managed to be a global giant generating $250 million annually by 1997 and eventually sold the Company to another Cosmetic giant, Estee Lauder, now generating $500 million in sales.

Choosing a Niche Product or market

The makeup industry is heavily competitive so choosing a niche product can pay off in the long run. Focusing on a few products or a type of product and specializing in it can yield great profits once you develop a following. If the product is new to the market, interesting and does something better, you will develop a loyal following and word-of mouth will spread. A niche product is easier to get noticed and stands out from the crowd. Production costs are usually less expensive as well. For example, if you have a fabulous lip plumper that really works great, production of that one item is a lot cheaper than producing 24 colors of eye shadows, 24 colors of lipsticks, blushes, etc. But, if you have a remarkable idea for an entire line of makeup that will get noticed, then the higher costs are justified.

Success Story From a Niche Product

Leslie Blodgett of Bare Escentuals turned a small niche product of natural mineral cosmetics into an International brand worth millions of dollars. They were one of the first to market mineral makeup. The Company quickly developed a cult following of their mineral makeup, which they called Bare Minerals. They commanded the lead in the market. They recently sold the company to Japans largest cosmetic group, Shiseido for $1.7 billion dollars. Pretty impressive for a niche product!

Beginning the Process

If you already know what product you want to make, then your next step is to find a few manufacturers that can develop it for you. Make sure to get all costs involved and get the manufacturers minimums they require. When your just beginning, you don't want thousands of one product, you may not be able to sell all of it and you should consider the shelf life of the product, you don't want a product to sit on your storage shelves for 2 years before it sells. But don't worry, there's plenty of manufacturers that offer low minimum programs.

Many companies choose to do private label then oppose to creating each of their products from scratch. As they grow, they start to customize their formulations. Just remember to think out of the box. Don't do what others already have done. Below is information that will help you with your decision making process and to make your own makeup line. 

Private Label Cosmetics

Manufacturers that offer private label services have a large range of products that they offer in standard packaging, you pick from their product line and all you have to do is put your label or logo on the existing product. Starting your own branded private label makeup line is very easy. Private Labeling is the most cost effective way to start your private label makeup line.  For those of you wanting to establish your name on a smaller scale, labeling or screen-printing your logo on a pre-packaged line is the perfect option.

Print screening opposed to a stick on label, requires a larger initial investment but gives a more polished look to your makeup line. Screening requires a minimum quantity of containers per style. You can also pick the container styles and colors, which usually the minimums are higher.

Custom Manufacturing and Custom Formulations

Customizing colors and products enables you to offer a makeup line that is unique and your signature line. You will be apart of the entire design process from inception to completion. If you have a remarkable product idea, then custom manufacturing is for you. The manufacturers will usually give you a proto type or sample of the product or idea you want made, during this development stage is when you make all the improvements to the product so you will get exactly what you want. Once the sample is approved it goes into production. Usually the minimums on custom formulations are much higher than private label minimums. You choose the containers, packaging, colors, etc. The product is finished and unique.

Bulk Products

Private label manufacturing companies also offer their products in bulk, meaning they are not pre-packaged and ready for a label. The product is in large containers, gallons or barrels. This is for companies that have their own containers and packaging and want fill the containers and to do it themselves. This is a less expensive way but more labor intensive.

Once you decide on how you want to develop your product, then you will need to market your product and decide how you want to sell your makeup line. Below are some manufacturing companies that offer private label and custom formulations. Each company has a website that you can go to and get more information from. To make your own makeup line can be fun, creative and well worth it. Good Luck!

•       Urist cosmetics
•       Brushes by Karen
•       GAR laboratories
•       Royal Labs
•       West Coast cosmetics
•       Ecometrics
•       Your name Pro
•       Health Specialty
•       Lady Burd
•       Essential Labs
•       Classic Cosmetics
•       Cosmetic Lab
•       Rain Shadow Labs
•       Monave cosmetics