Fat People Meme

Who says you need Photoshop or Photoshop skills to make a funny internet meme? Gone are the days when you needed to become a graphic designer to create funny graphics and images. Everything can be done on the internet. The best part - for free!

When I opened an entertainment related Facebook page last year, I had no idea how one could create memes. Inspired by some of the Facebook pages, I decided to open one and post funny pictures with funny captions – only didn't know how to.

With a little help from Google, I found that you don’t need to be a graphic designer or a Photoshop pro. All you need is a picture – that's it.

What kind of meme should you make?

That depends on the situation. For some joke, you might want to explain the tomato and "tomahto" situation. In this case, the Joker Mind Loss meme is used. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make one funny post using the same image.

Where do you make memes?

There are several websites online that let you make memes for free. They have a huge collection of every funny image and weird faces you can remember. You just need to recognize what the image is called. I use MemeGenerator.net to create those funny pictures instantly. "Alex From Target" is 2014's newest and one of the most viral memes.

Alex from Target - Grocery

You can also use offline programs which are pre-installed in your computer. We will see both of these methods in this tutorial.

Method 1: Use websites online

Websites like Memegenerator and Keep Calm-o-Matic allows you to make quick memes from their huge database of every funny face on the internet. Do you think the picture you are trying to make is from 2008 and don’t know what its name is? Don’t worry, because there’s nothing lost in the world wide web.

How to use MemeGenerator

1. First of all, you have to find a suitable image. For this example, I want to use Joker Mind Loss.

Make Joker MemeCredit: MemeGenerator

2. Secondly, insert the top and bottom texts for the meme. You can use all letters in capital, but if your caption is too long, you can also use all small letters.

3. Finally, choose your language. I chose English as it is the language of the caption I used. It’s not important and won't prevent you from developing your final outcome, but choosing it helps the website to correctly file those memes under the language. You can choose Spanish and Russian too. Finally, generate it.

4. Once it has been generated, right click on the image and save it on your computer.

No Guys Under Six Feet - Joker Meme
Credit: Memegenerator

Feminism everywhere! :D

Another free online tool that allows you to make memes is the meme generator by Keep Calm-o-Matic[1]. It is a free and very popular online platform to make one of those "Keep Calm and Carry On" graphics. However, it is not limited to just one meme only.

One thing different about this generator tool is that you can also use your own image to create memes. If you have your own picture you could use, use it. If not, Pixabay allows you to download and use pictures free from any copyright.

I used this sad face to create a meme on Keep Calm-o-matic.

Sad Face, ManCredit: Pixabay

Choose a background for your meme. It is the same as the image you are using.

Just like in MemeGenerator.net, fill out the top and bottom texts.

Keep Calm-o-matic Meme Generator TutorialCredit: Keep Calm-O-Matic

Input the image width and height (not necessary, though).

Now type your name or username and generate the poster.

The image can be saved into your computer right away.

Sunday without Walking Dead Meme
Credit: Meme by WinterWolf/Image from Pixabay

This meme shows my emotion on one of those Sundays when they don't air "The Walking Dead". :(

Method 2: Use offline free tools

I’m sure you have used the Paint tool in Windows at some point in your life already. I used it first in my fifth grade to make drawings and funny shapes. Yes, that same free tool can also be used to create memes. Here’s how.

  • Open the “Run” tool in your Start Menu.
  • Open the paint program by typing “mspaint” or “pbrush”.
  • Open your image.
  • Now use the TEXT tool to write captions.
  • Choose the font “Impact” and adjust your text sizes if necessary.
  • Save the picture. Easy, isn’t it?

Disadvantages of Microsoft Paint

The paint tool allows you to quickly enter texts as captions, but it does not let you enter borders into the texts. The font "Impact", which is the universal font for funny captions, is not bordered with black color.

Use Paint.NET

Another free Photoshop-like program you can use is Paint.NET. It is an absolutely free program that allows you to perform almost every function and make any design just like in Adobe Photoshop.

The 30-second video shows you can quickly and easily create memes in Paint.NET program. When you enter the funny texts for the image, you can choose to have those texts outlined by using a plugin.

Make a meme in Paint.NET (Video Tutorial)

Making a meme on Paint.NET

Plugins You Need For Paint.NET

PaintNET is a free program that was first released as undergraduate college project. It was actually mentored by Microsoft, who had decided to replace the paint program. To keep the software free, the designers welcome developers to develop addons and plugins to increase the productivity of the program. These free tools (plugins) will have to be installed separately. For outlining the texts, the plugin used is Outline Object.[2]

To use the outline object plugin into your text:

  • Install the plugin first.
  • Make a new layer for your text. (This is important!)
  • Enter your captions for the image.
  • Go to Effects>Object>Outline Object
  • Select the width of the outline or border.
  • Click on OK.
  • Save the image.

Your brand new, fresh meme is ready to be published on the internet!