You can make your own superhero without using any other site to help you out. It's really not nearly as difficult as you may think, but it can be challenging, depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it. It is okay to get a few ideas and inspirations from existing characters. For many, this will help get the creative juices flowing. If you would like to make your own superhero, here are just some of the things you may want to consider.


Choose powers carefully when you make your own superhero. Many of them can fly, so what else can you come up with? The ability to read minds, heat vision, super human strength, just to name a few, are all possible. Don't get too terribly over the top with the powers, or it's sure fire overkill. Yes, can make a superhero with every single power possible, but what fun would that be? Would he or she ever be in any real danger of being defeated? When you make a superhero, it's really important to use good powers, but limit them, at least to some extent. Don't go overboard, or your hero won't really catch on.


Choose weaknesses when you make a superhero. Not all of them have weaknesses, but many of the most popular ones do. Why do you suppose this is the case? It's because it makes it much more interesting. Superman, for example, had kryptonite as his weakness. He had to find a way to overcome the use of the kryptonite by the villain, making a clear and easily defined struggle for the hero. When you make your own superhero, the weaknesses you choose, if any, will usually help you to tell the story of the hero. While it's tempting to create one with no weaknesses, so he or she can never be defeated, it's really quite boring. Think of the epic battles you can have when you have a weakness.

The Villain:

When you make your own superhero you may want to actually consider the use of a villain, to help get the ideas flowing. Don't be too surprised if the villain helps you spark new ideas for the hero of the story. Sometimes it's best to have several villains, so you can tell many different stories. Generally speaking, the villains that use their minds pose the biggest risk to the hero of any story. Brawn can be overcome, but brain power is the hardest thing to match. When you make your own superhero, a great villain will help you along. You'll find that the villains will generally have powers to counteract the powers of the hero in many cases.

The Costume:

Design a cool costume when you make your own superhero. Don't be afraid to use the others in the comic books for inspiration, but be careful not to "steal" from them. Your character should be unique. For example: You may like the cape of Superman, or another character, but yours could hold special powers. Your cape could be used as a weapon of sorts by the hero. By drawing simple inspiration from other characters, you can make your own superhero that is truly unique and interesting. Try to come up with something interesting, and not ridiculous. The characters of today have costumes that are more closely in tune with the trends and fads of today. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a more classic look when you make your own superhero. It's really more of a personal choice than anything.

Character Development:

Try to develop a background for your character when you make your own superhero. Don't be afraid to do this early on in the stages, so it really helps character development. Perhaps your hero was taken from his family at a young age. Maybe his or her loved ones were killed by one of the villains. Perhaps the hero is actually from another planet, and is here to help mankind. Perhaps the hero cannot remember anything of his past, and that is the thrust of the plots. When you can develop background information for your character, you'll find it's much easier to make your own superhero. This will also assist you in telling stories, or developing a comic strip, should that be in your wishes. Virtually every character you've ever heard of has a well developed story line, including some basic background information. When you make your own superhero, it really helps to use methods that will improve the experience.

The Name:

Finally, it's time to come up with a good name. When you make your own superhero, you really want to use a name that's interesting, original, and fits the character. Characters like Wolverine or Batman clearly define the hero. Someone with no knowledge of these characters could probably come up with a fairly accurate description of what they would be. When you make your own superhero, you will have more luck connecting with an audience if you choose your name this way. Try not to be cheesy with it, or it just won't work out well. When you make your own superhero, the name is really important. Be sure to choose wisely for best results.

Before You Move Forward:

Study the other characters before you make your own superhero. You will need to make sure someone hasn't already used the name you selected, or you could be accused of stealing their ideas. In addition, you may find that there are other characters out there with very similar powers. When you make your own superhero, you will run into some of this. This is okay, at least to some extent, because there is only so much you can do. Many characters have the same or similar powers, so you need to consider the entire package. Is the costume unique? Do the powers fit the name? How can your character be better? These are all very important things to consider when you make your own superhero. Give this a try, you will be surprised at how much fun it can be. Be sure to follow the steps listed, so you have great results.