Tag Clouds

Tag Clouds are usually a mosaic of words that have been used in an article. Many may be familiar with the Tag Clouds generated by Wordle.net. However, using the technology freely available at Tagxedo.com, you not only can make your own Tag Clouds but you can mold them into various ready-made shapes as well.

All you have to do is click “Load” and put the url of your article in the box provided by Tagxedo, choose a shape and a color scheme and bingo! You are ready to go. You do not have to use a url to use that program. You can upload a list after clicking the “Browse” button. You can even copy and paste a list of words into the biggest box which is the “Enter text” box. So there are three ways to feed your information into the program.

I entered a list of article writing sites or platforms and used the template named “Joy” and changed the color scheme and this was the result:


The "Joy" Template

After changing the color scheme again I used the “Cup” template and the following is the result of that:

The "Cup" Template

When you hover your mouse over any of the words that you have used in Tagxedo they will get bigger and come to the forefront of the picture. This is of course before you have saved the picture. I hovered over Infobarrel and it came to the center of the picture.

The Aeroplane Template

There are a number of other features as well:

(1)   You can change the font and choose any of a wide variety of fonts.

(2)   You can change the orientation of the words in your Tag Cloud from horizontal to vertical or a mix of the two. The best fit comes when you leave the orientation fully automated which is the default. To go back to the default option you click on “Any.”

(3)    There is a “History” button that lets you see all your creations so you can choose which one is the best or save them all.

(4)   You can save or share your productions which is a plus for a free online service. There are Facebook and Twitter share buttons for this purpose.

So why not start making some tag clouds now? You can use the names of your friends, people from the Infobarrel community or even the titles of your articles. Go through the templates and find elephants, dinosaurs, dogs and cats.