Tips on Decorating Small Spaces

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Decorating small spaces requires a great deal of special consideration. It can be an actual challenge to produce delightful nooks and crannies that are entirely unexpected when you come upon them.

For the Kitchen

When you have a small region in your kitchen or eating area, make it into a pretty spot, using just a couple of accessories. For instance, frame two or three botanical prints or a poster for the wall. Then put a shelf under the framed prints to hold small pots of flowers or fresh herbs. You could have a fresh indoor garden for snipping whenever you need a pinch of basil, parsley, or oregano.

A Pretty Laundry Room

Turn your laundry area into a wonderful garden room. Begin using a piece of fabric you love and use it to create a tailored valance for the laundry room window. Use a Duette blind for covering the window. Pick out a precut stencil of flowers to grow up the wall below the window. Make use of an ivy vine stencil for decorating around the outside of the window frame. Place real topiary trees on either side of the window. The room would be so cheerful that it will be difficult to resist doing laundry more often.

Small Powder Rooms

Powder rooms can be great art galleries. Cover most of the walls using framed artwork. You can also have a humorous postcard that was sent to you. It adds up a touch of lightness. On both sides of the wall surrounding the sink mirror, put up framed family photographs. Your shelf can hold small items that might interest guests who use this room from time to time. The window treatment can be a simple one: The valance can be made just by putting lace-edged linen napkins set on the diagonal on a tension rod. No sewing necessary. The bottom curtain can be cafe style, covering only the bottom half of the window.

Quick and Easy Tips for Small Spaces

1. Use the part next to your fireplace to group similar objects, both three-dimensional and small, framed artwork.

2. When you have a staircase with a landing, use this to hang small, framed photographs quite low on the wall.

3. Frame notecards, vacation photos, prints, and artwork. If you have room to lay knickknacks around, do this also.

4. A hallway or entryway is great for decorating in a various ways than you might do an entire room. See this area as setting the stage for what lies ahead. You may use a bright color paint if the rest of the house is more muted. Or you might make an art gallery here, lining the walls using an interesting grouping. A mirror in a nice frame might be your starting point, then surround it with the art.

5. Don't imagine because the space is small it requires tiny objects or small artwork. A large piece of sculpture or painting may be perfect in this surroundings.

6. If you like the space to appear larger and calm, apply a subdued color. However, a bright color can produce excitement and give decorative interest.

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