New moms need support to help them through the first few weeks after childbirth. Even the most routine births can require weeks of recovery. In today's society, we often applaud new moms who are out and about, running errands soon after childbirth. However, it is very important for new moms to ensure their recovery and bond with their new baby soon after birth.

Why do I need a post-partum toolbox?

A post-partum toolbox is a collection of items meant to make life easier for mom. The box itself should be a caddy, like the kind used to hold cleaning supplies. The ultimate goal of the toolbox is twofold:

  1. Help mom remain stationary. New moms may often feel the need to continue chores, entertain company, and run errands. While it is important for new moms to avoid being shut-in, it is also important for them to rest. Breast feeding is an exhausting endeavor, breastfeeding moms need as much rest as possible. Typical babies will wake and need fed every 2-4 hours. The less mom has to get up and find things she needs, the more time she has to rest and spend time with the baby.
  2. Give mom more productive time with the baby. The more alert mom is, the more productive her feeding sessions will be and the more confident she will be. Using the post-partum toolbox will save her time and allow her to focus on the baby and herself.

What should be included in a post-partum toolbox?

  1. Burp Rags: Aside from the fact that babies routinely spit-up, breastfeeding can sometimes be a sticky mess. Including burp rags in the toolbox prevents mom from having to search for clean towels to address messes.
  2. Easy Food: Easy food means it doesn't need to be prepared. Here are some example of simple snacks for mom: granola bars, chocolate, trail mix, crackers, gummy fruit snacks, a banana or apple, etc.
  3. Super Water: New breastfeeding moms need electrolytes more than football players do after the big game. There is a variety of waters to choose from that can give mom a light, nutritive drink: coconut water, Vitamin Water, Gatorade (this may be too sweet and syrupy), etc.
  4. Wipes: There needs to be wet wipes in addition to burp rags.
  5. Cell Phone: Some moms may not want this in the toolbox but others will like not having to get up and find the phone every time someone calls.
  6. iPod: If you have a docking station keep that near mom as well. She may want to listen to music while the baby sleeps.
  7. Magazines: Hopefully, mom will sleep often to recover between feedings. If she happens to be restless, it is nice for her to be able to read herself back to sleep.

Things To Remember

  • Refill the toolbox daily.
  • Make sure there are clean sheets. Keep an extra set nearby and change them when mom gets up.
  • Temper the number of visitors. Mom needs to focus on her and the baby, not the in-laws.

Your post-partum experience can be much more relaxed and comfortable with the use of a few important items to keep on hand. Make sure a new mom you know has a post-partum toolbox to make those stressful days after delivery a little easier.

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Credit: Healing Dream