When human kind began to move about on earth, shelter and protection from the elements began to evolve from caves and crude shelters to the evolution of movable tent type structures that allowed human kind to follow the seasons and the migration patterns of food animals. Fast forward several thousand years and man decided that living in communal groups had several benefits. Protection from un-friendly neighbors, larger family structures and permanence of dwellings were greatly improved. The development of tools primarily iron gave way to the utilization of forest materials.

Centuries before the concept of mass marketing man had the forest and an ax. Necessity being the mother of invention brought out the inherent desire to build dwellings of large size and solid construction. Time marched on and on, bringing construction of our shelter to incredible heights, developing brick and mortar, steel and glass and the combinations of all of the above. This history has brought us full circle as to our desires of using the old with the new. The technology of our past has let us use the best of the old combined with the new.

The late twentieth century provides the "Big Box Store" to everyone. Innovators have crafted kit structures using precision cut logs, easy to follow instructions complete with videos to allow the home builder or the do it yourselfer the ability to build low cost log cabin kits that can be small enough to be transported into the wild for use as hunting retreats, lodges and unique log structures, especially out buildings. Using this concept provides us with small, low cost kits suitable for almost every need. Pre built mini cabins are available from vendors such as Home Depot, Lowes and American log home. These easy to build small cabins can allow the imaginative home owner the ability to bring the out door charm indoors in some very unique ways.

History is a constant that truly repeats itself. From out of the cave we came, back into the cave we go. The phenomenon of the game room/man cave is now. Many homes have a basement. The space under a home is almost always convertible. With the help of a CAD-design system that companies such as Lowes or Home Depot make available to customers, the often difficult job of designing a remodel in an area as unique as a basement is now a snap. A kit can be assembled that gives every bit the look and feel of an 1800’s log cabin. With cabinetry, stairs, doors and framing all trimmed and decorated yield a log cabin replica that would make Abe Lincoln proud.

Making your basement look like a log cabin gives the home owner a place to relax after a hard day and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Kit companies produce a precision built, high quality project provided with concise, clear construction instructions that will provide almost any creature comfort imaginable at an affordable cost that more often than not, a home owner with the desire and some loyal friends and the promise that they too will watch the game on the plasma TV that adorns those beautiful log walls.