Fun with funky eggs - surprise your vegetarian guests!

Fake fruit and yoghurt eggsCredit: Sue Visser

The easiest egg trick of all is the favourite pudding idea - half a stewed apricot in the middle of a splash of creamy yoghurt. We loved these eggs as kids and enjoyed them with our own children as well. But just think of the fun you can have by taking this idea further. Serve one of these fake eggs to a vegetarian at the same time the family has fried or poached eggs! We can play around with the ingredients and the following serving suggestions will boggle the eye as well as the mind. I have included some quick ideas to sling an unusual meal together. Enjoy!

Apricot and yoghurt salad eggCredit: Sue Visser

Useful ways to fake the classic hen’s egg in food and photos

Keep these tricks in mind for the egg-free dishes you serve. But also use them when you need to take photos of eggs or set out a food display. Food photography is often not as tasty or edible as the images in glossy cook books imply. When I illustrated my book based on the blood type protocols I took all the pictures myself. Some of the most revolting of the pictures were the ones of really delicious meals. But no, shooting hot food causes a fuzzy blur – especially the steam while it is cooking. I then reverted to many tricks and only took pictures of cold dishes. This applies especially to freshly poached or fried eggs.

  • Fried egg: a smoothed out blob of yoghurt with half a canned apricot
  • Poached egg: make the edge of the yoghurt base thicker and rounder. You can also add a drizzle of water around the “egg white” to look as if it has been lifted out of the pan.
  • A raw egg: use the juice of the canned apricots with an apricot half floating in it. This is good for displays where you see ingredients like raw eggs laid out in glass bowls. (You can include egg shells and real eggs in the display, but the apricot won’t go bad.)
  • Treat yourself to fake egg nogs. Place the leftover apricot juice, fruit and yoghurt in a large tumbler and give it a whizz with a hand blender. Add a dash of cinnamon or ginger.

Different yolks for different folks    

Often we need just one egg at a time. For a supply of these, freeze a few apricot halves to keep. The best way is to fill ice trays with fake yolks made of fruit pulp, I discovered. Hunt around for a suitable rounded ice tray. For emergencies you can also use a 15 ml measuring spoon. The fun part is to use different sizes for the yolk moulds to baffle your favourite little egg loving guests. Use little bowls or chocolate moulds – whatever you can find.

freeze fruit pulp or jellyCredit: Sue Visser
  • The pulp can be made of fresh or canned mangoes, apricots or peaches for the best natural colours.
  • Another easy option is to fill up the trays with concentrated fruit blends.
  • Use yellow or orange jelly and make it cloudy by mixing in a little yoghurt. Vegan jellies are made out of seaweed. It is easier to handle the jelly yolks when they have been frozen.

Once frozen, they can be taken out and stored in plastic bags in the freezer. When an “egg” is required, place the fruity yolk on top of the yoghurt base at least half an hour in advance so it can soften in situ. This is a cool way to enjoy the fruit and sometimes kids like them frozen solid. The photo below is of a semi-soft fruit centre being eaten.

No, this is not yourBoiled egg? No yoghurt and fruit!Credit: Sue Visser typical perfectly boiled egg!

This is frozen mango pulp that has been out of the freezer for half an hour. It was placed in a Chinese tea-cup. As you will agree, it makes a dainty breakfast for the vegetarian at the table.

Nobody needs to know. You can replace the yoghurt with coconut cream, if you are vegan. Now grab the gluten-free toast and dip it in!

Whiter than white egg whites for vegans

For contrary people who do not tolerate yoghurt or consume any milk there are two options. Soya or coconut cream. Coconut cream is snowy white. You may like to mix in a little stevia or natural sweetener and some vanilla essence to give it more flavour. Other vegan delights include maple or agave syrup that will change the colour slightly. A blend of fresh banana and coconut milk is also delicious. For a green egg white add some avocado! These days soya is viewed in a dim light, but if you can find organic soya-based cream or yoghurt, use it. If the skin of the soya bean has been included in the product there may be a problem with pro-cancerous trypsin inhibitors. (Trypsin can't control cell production due to the soya based inhibitors.)

Coconuts and fruit pulpCredit: Sue Visser

Blood type guidelines for fake egg ingredients

Real eggs suit all blood types. But in specific cases they need to be avoided. The only warning with soya is the blood type O and B non-secretors, who can experience some nasty side effects. (It is not worth overdoing the soya at the cost of your endocrine or immune system.) Evidently coconut in large quantities is only beneficial for blood type AB. In my experience with blood type reactions, there does not seem to be a specific reason coconut should cause any major problems. The worst offenders are incompatible grains and legumes.

Delicious dairy: Amasi, Greek yoghurt, CreamCredit: Sue visserMediterranean salad- real eggs and cheeseCredit: Sue Visser

Handmade hard-boiled eggs – in any shape and size!

We can make fake hard-boiled eggs out of soft – but firm white cheese. If you can handle the cheese like putty, then go ahead. Mix some yellow colouring into one lump of the cheese for rolling out the egg yolks. Freeze them so they are hard enough to press into a larger ball of white cheese. Roll them into egg shapes and there! As soon as the yolk has defrosted you can cut them in half. To make a cleaner cut, first rub a little cooking oil onto the blade of the knife.

labneh cheese ballsCredit: Sue Visser

Press frozen yolk balls int labneh ballsCredit: Sue Visser

For a very healthy and tasty egg yolk, mix in some turmeric. It gives a good rich dark yellow. Add a pinch of salt and enjoy the unusually delicious flavour. If the mixture gets too sticky, dip your fingers on cooking oil. You can use home-made feta or labneh cheese. Make sure it is very firm. Otherwise wrap it in a few layers of paper towel to draw out some more of the water.


Woo them with hard-boiled eggs. Just say cheese!


Hard boiled egg. Say cheese!Credit: Sue Visser

Now the next time you want a fried egg on salad you can have it in a jiffy! Save yourself the trouble and spoon out some yoghurt and use half a canned apricot for the yolk. Use the fake cheese eggs as you would the real thing, in salads. Also use them for a delicious addition to a hearty plate of curried soup. Make it out of cooked pumpkin or butternut leftovers and throw in some canned kidney beans. Add stock and curry powder and blend it into a smooth soup. Then dazzle the crowds with your cheesy eggs. Now use them as a garnish for risotto or serve them with snacks. They are lovely with olives and pickles. Something new to try out and enjoy.

Quickie curry soup and cheesy eggsCredit: Sue Visser

Risotto with fake hard boiled egg piecesCredit: Sue Visser