Enjoy the delicious scent of eucalyptus any time of year

Make a Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

Make a Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

As the weather cools and the holidays approach, many people search for inexpensive yet attractive ways to decorate the home both interior and exterior. Pre-made eucalyptus wreaths can be purchased from a florist or your local craft show and can range in price from $50-$100 depending on the size of wreath and additional decorative items added. That can be expensive especially if you want to decorate several rooms or doors around your home.

One easy way to decorate at a fraction of the cost of purchasing already made is to make a fresh eucalyptus wreath yourself to be used for the exterior door, porch or for any interior door or wall. It's fun and easy to make your own holiday decorations and is also a great idea to call a friend or neighbor and start everyone getting into the holiday spirit. A handmade wreath also makes a great gift!

Eucalyptus is an invigorating, fresh and attractive scent available in oil that is not only soothing to the senses but if used in the home, the leaves can be a deterrent to fleas for pet owners or to soothe skin irritations. Let's get started.

Things you'll need:

Make a Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

Fresh eucalyptus leaves

Dried eucalyptus branches 10-14

Naturally dried flowers or clusters of berries

Preformed Wire Wreath Shape 14"-16"

Large wired ribbon or bow

Floral Wire


Buy fresh eucalyptus leaves online in bulk or check with your local florist and consider purchasing a fresh eucalyptus plant for the leaves and to be able to reuse them. Buy dried eucalyptus branches online in bulk or check at any number of home decorating stores in your area.

When you're ready with all your supplies, place a few sheets of newspaper on a work table.

Gather all of your fresh and dried branches and leaves, wire and wreath shape.

You'll use one side of the wreath shape only so that it can hang flat against a door or wall.

Eucalyptus branches are usually quite long, cut them into workable 3"-4" pieces and gather several together with the floral wire.

Apply one of the eucalyptus gatherings onto the floral wreath shape and attach securely with floral wire, wrapping tightly.

Continue creating groups of smaller branches and apply to the wreath wire.

Fill in any areas of the wire wreath with several fresh eucalyptus leaves gathered together and tied with floral wire.

After the wire wreath is filled in with the greenery, add naturally dried flowers or the clusters of berries either in one section or scatter evenly around the wreath.

Make your eucalyptus wreath as full as you like it – the fuller wreath will look more attractive and give off a stronger scent of eucalyptus.

After the whole wreath is filled in as you like it, add a large bow or create your own bow with wired ribbon as pictured in the photo.

Make a Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

Hang on the door with a wire wreath hanger or make your own by wrapping floral wire at the top of the wreath a few times to create a strong hook that easily mounts on a hook.

To keep the scent of your fresh eucalyptus wreath lasting longer simply apply an occasional light eucalyptus spray around the entire wreath.

Try adding a drop or two of pure essential oil in eucalyptus scent to one or two of the branches to keep the scent fresh and invigorating– just be careful that the oil doesn't drip onto the door or carpet if using indoors.

I hope you'll try to make your own wreath using the fresh or preserved branches shown below  and definitely get the oil to add to an oil burner for long lasting scent in your home too. Let us know below if you'll do it or if you've already made a wreath!

Photo: istockphoto.com

Buy Eucalyptus Branches for your homemade wreath

Preserved branches retain the scent and offer a less expensive cost

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I love these long branches of eucalyptus for wreath making when I don't want to spend $40 for the fresh branches. I cut them into usable lengths so that one bunch is plenty for a perfectly full wreath. At a great price too and no need to go out to get them!

Pure Essential Oil in Eucalyptus Scent

For long lasting freshness

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This is amazing and could end up being your most favorite scent whether you use it on your homemade wreath or an oil burner, to add a few drops to a bath or simply to inhale for the amazing aroma.